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Jan 28th
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Home Global Activities Taiwan Powerful Quake Struck Taiwan, Master Cheng Yen Expressed Her Care

Powerful Quake Struck Taiwan, Master Cheng Yen Expressed Her Care

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A powerful quake struck Meinung, Kaohsiung, toppling several buildings in Tainan. In today’s Morning Volunteer Assembly, Master Cheng Yen was visibly saddened, holding back tears as she relayed the following message.

“It so sudden… the quake happened in Meinung, Kaohsiung, where most areas are not affected. Instead it toppled many buildings in Tainan. The quake hit at 3:57 a.m. Saturday. I am extremely worried about this…. As we speak, firefighters, police and the army have already been mobilized, along with other rescue workers to start the rescue operation. ”

In addition to expressing her concern about the current situation, Master Cheng Yen called on volunteers who are not in affected areas to reach out and call their loved ones living in Tainan, and check on their welfare. She also relayed her appreciation for the efforts of Tzu Chi volunteers who took immediate action to help those in need.

“Tzu Chi volunteers in Central and Southern Taiwan have begun to mobilize. Despite the cold and humid weather, volunteers in Tainan gathered around 4am and prepared breakfast. Tzu Chi’s Department of Religious Affairs have contacted related parties and have been collecting all kinds of relief goods to be delivered to Tainan, including blankets, scarfs and multipurpose foldable beds. All in all, we have been preparing everything needed in order to send urgent care to Tainan.”

Master said, “In order to have a peaceful world, we must first have peace in our minds. Open our hearts and show love for those in need. We have given love and aid to those who live in distant places, now that this happened so close to home, we feel the pain even more. Let’s pray for everyone’s safety and health during this time, and hope for the speedy rebuilding of the damaged structures.”

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" To take good care of ourselves is the way to repay others' kindness. To dedicate ourselves in doing good is the way to express gratitude. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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