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Mar 31st
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Home Global Activities Taiwan Tzu Chi volunteers Set up 15 Centers After Massive Tainan Earthquake

Tzu Chi volunteers Set up 15 Centers After Massive Tainan Earthquake

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Within a few hours of a massive earthquake that hit southern Taiwan in the early morning of February 6, volunteers of the Tzu Chi Foundation had set up a disaster command center. In the city of Tainan, more than 500 volunteers from the area have arrived at the disaster site and set up 15 service centers to help those affected.

The earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.4, struck in the early morning of February 6. According to the Central Weather Bureau, the quake occurred at 3:57 am, with its epicenter in the district of Meinung, Kaoshiung. There were many aftershocks, especially in the southwestern city of Tainan; they seriously damaged many buildings. As of mid-afternoon of February 6, seven people had been reported killed and more than 300 injured.

In response, Tzu Chi’s disaster command center was set up and has been fully operational since early morning. In Tainan, the volunteers have set up 15 service centers and prepared over 500 servings of breakfast for those affected and emergency personnel. Around the island, Tzu Chi volunteers and staff of the foundation’s hospitals and members of its medical association have also been mobilized and have prepared materials that may be needed.

Warm food offered in cold weather

After the earthquake, volunteers in central and southern Taiwan mobilized immediately. At four in the morning, volunteers in Tainan began the relief effort. In light of the recent cold weather, they brought cooked breakfasts and prepared hot drinks at the site to bring warmth to people.

The volunteers in Taiwan have long experience of disaster relief. So they are preparing the materials and equipment that may be soon needed. The Jing Si instant rice, for example, can be served with cold or hot water in a short period of time. The Jing Si foldable beds provide a comfortable place to sit and rest. The doctors and nurses of Tzu Chi hospitals and its medical association are also ready to help.

In preparing hot meals, offering help and comfort and distributing goods, Tzu Chi volunteers will always be there to help people in need.

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