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Oct 03rd
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A Society with Love and Kindness

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[Master's Teachings]
Today is the first day of the Year of the Monkey. During the daily Morning Volunteers Assembly, Master Cheng Yen expressed her concern for all those affected by the Tainan Earthquake, as well as the rescue workers and all the volunteers who have joined the relief effort. It truly has shown the treasure of love and goodness in Taiwan. Friends abroad and the international media have also shown their concern for the people in need.

The Abstract of Today’s Assembly:
In Tainan, the sudden earthquake caused many people to be trapped inside the buildings that collapsed. Their families are waiting outside anxiously for their loved ones to be found. The rescuers work tirelessly at the scene and focus only on finding survivors. They have given up the reunion dinner with their families. In Tainan, Tzu Chi volunteers settled more than 10 people in the Jing Si Hall. Volunteers are reaching out to care for and provide assistance in different ways.

In this world, life is impermanent. However, the thing people most need is love. A family can be as small as two people or can have hundreds and thousands of members. If everyone has love, we can form a big family in this world.

We have seen the news on the international media, like Reuters; they have reported this disaster in southern Taiwan. They mention that many volunteers are assisting the rescuers day and night. Even during the festival of Chinese New Year Eve, they all gave up their planned reunion dinner with their beloved families. The foreign media also praised the love among Taiwanese people. Indeed, we are all members of one family.

The death toll has reached 33, up to now, and 117 people are still missing. It is a very difficult time for their family members, who are waiting outside full of anxiety. We also see the Tzu Chi volunteers working in relays to accompany the survivors and their families.

“I express my gratitude to Tzu Chi. It’s very fortunate to have volunteers come into the hospital to calm their turbulent emotions,” a hospital official said. “This is the strength of our society. Everyone does their best to contribute.”

When we see so many people contributing, this shows the warmth of our society. It has once again demonstrated that Love and Kindness are the two treasures of Taiwan. There are many organizations which have mobilized their volunteers; and entrepreneurs have donated money. They have all expressed their willingness to help. Young people, students and adults also want to help.

Nevertheless, we pray for those who are believed to be still trapped in the buildings. I hope people can use their wisdom and strength and not give up on them. I hope everyone can be saved. Let us pray sincerely.


" The ocean can be filled, yet the tiny mouth of a human being can never be filled. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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