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Sep 21st
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Home Global Activities Taiwan Yujing School Cleans up After Tainan Earthquake

Yujing School Cleans up After Tainan Earthquake

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The Chinese New Year holiday has come to the end and everyone is going back to their regular activities. Some schools, however, were damaged by the Tainan earthquake on February 6; built in 1906, the Yujing Elementary School was one of them. It suffered broken tiles and pipes.

Mr. Yen Sheng-Hsien, a graduate of the school, worried about the safety of the environment and contacted the school principal. On February 14, Yen and 80 Tzu Chi volunteers gathered to clean the elementary school. Their goal was to give the more than 600 pupils a safe and clean environment before they returned to school on February 15.

After the earthquake, the school had peeling of the cement walls, cracks in the classrooms, bookshelves which had shifted, books and other items which had fallen and damaged ceilings. Broken tiles also could be found on the ground.

The over 80 Tzu Chi volunteers brought their own cleaning tools and shovels to the school. Their main goal was to remove unsafe objects, including dangling plates and tiles. The school staff also joined them in their work. So the more than 600 students can have a safe and clean environment.

Mr. Yen Sheng-Hsien, 55, is an alumnus of the Yujing Elementary School. He is also a Tzu Chi volunteer for the past 20 years, with a long experience in international relief. Seeing the disaster in his hometown, he immediately joined the relief work. Upon hearing of the damage to the school where he went many years ago, he deeply wanted to help.

Since February 11, the Tzu Chi Foundation has begun a comprehensive program of care visits in the community. This includes providing school subsidies, support to households, medical services and psychological support. This comprehensive program of assistance is a ‘one-to-one’ service to care for people and families in need.