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Mar 31st
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Home Global Activities Taiwan Tainan Earthquake—Relief Summary (as of Feb. 14)

Tainan Earthquake—Relief Summary (as of Feb. 14)

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On February 14, as the last remain of missing residents was found, the rescue mission at the Weiguan Jinlong apartment complex in Tainan, Taiwan was completed. Thus Tzu Chi's service stations near Tiangong Temple also completed their mission. At the same time, the city government of Tainan began the demolition of a building in the Kuei Jen district that had been damaged by the earthquake. In addition, over 80 Tzu Chi volunteers gathered to clean the Yujing Elementary School that was also damaged.

Since the earthquake, volunteers have been providing care to affected people, as well as on-site services and visits to homes and hospitals. In addition, the volunteers will organize a series of group meetings for psychological support of survivors, family members, rescue workers and volunteers; they will hold prayer sessions in schools and communities.

Part I: Statistics of Relief Effort

1. Shifts of volunteers mobilized:
Feb 14: total of 1,028 volunteer shifts.
From 2/6 to 2/14, a total of 14,351 volunteers shifts, including 174 by medical professionals and 733 by foundation staff.

2. Hot Meals Provision:
Feb 14: total of 1,629 hot meals served.
From 2/6 to 2/14, a total of 23,527 hot meals served.

3. Relief Aid Provided:
660 Jing Si foldable beds, 1,839 eco-blankets, 560 scarves, 301 hats, 400 pairs of gloves, 3 boxes of disposable hand warmers, 3,591 packs of daily necessities/gift, 117 special music players, 272 prayer beads, 798 red envelopes of wisdom and blessing, 320 boxes of Jing Si mixed congee, 3 tents, 4 bottles of sterile water, 2,600 pieces of light weight raincoat, 5 portable eco-heaters and 2 mobile kitchens.

Part II: Consolation Cash Distribution

1. On Feb 14, Tzu Chi provided relief care to 37 affected households and distributed emergency cash to 24 households. From 2/6-2/14, Tzu Chi visited 542 families and distributed emergency cash to 151 households totaling NT$2,640,000.

2. On Feb 14, Tzu Chi visited four hospitalized earthquake survivors. From 2/6-2/14, Tzu Chi cared for 228 wounded and distributed 78 sets of emergency cash, totaling NT$1,465,000.

3. Tzu Chi volunteers conducted home visits to 1,444 families.

Part III: Sharing warmth

Tzu Chi helps to clean up campus of Yujing Elementary School

Due to the 2/6 Tainan earthquake, there was substantial damage to the Yujing Elementary School. For the safety of students returning to school on 2/15, over 80 Tzu Chi volunteers and school teachers joined hands to clean the school. Concerned that the damaged ceiling might injure students, volunteers carefully removed each damaged ceiling plate and light metal frame. "Today's job is to remove the damaged ceiling frame and tiles." said Tzu Chi volunteer Hui-Chen Tsai.

The Philippines gives loving care to the quake survivors in Tainan

Tzu Chi volunteers in Philippines started a donation program to help Taiwan. No matter whether they are a humble street vendor or a wealthy entrepreneur, they are all willing to contribute to help those affected by the Tainan earthquake. They remember that Taiwan helped them before, when they were suffering.

When volunteers held the charity box in a traditional market, a vendor selling flowers immediately made a donation. Even housewives, drivers and police officers also contributed money. "Because everyone knows that Tzi Chi reached out to typhoon and quake victims here," said police officer Mr. Roddhi.

"When we were having a tough time, Taiwan people came to help us. It is time for us to pay back," said one resident.

Love that flows between people is the best medicine to soothe pain and suffering.

(The information is updated on 2016.02.14)

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