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Oct 23rd
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Free Clinic at Sri Lanka Turn Frowning Faces into Smile

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From August 27th to August 29th., the doctors of Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) provided free medical services at Base Hospital-Kahawatta, Sri Lanka. There is a story behind every patient's tears. Doctors treated the patients as if they were their own family. Other volunteers kept comforting and cheering up the patients. At the turn of life, one patient after another smiled from their hearts and looked forward to a new path in life.

Removing Wart Gives Lechachamee a Bright Smile

At the surgical department’s waiting area, a dark skinned young mother (Lechachamee) who appeared to be shy held a baby girl in her arms. It was a hot day in Sri Lanka. She wore a long-sleeved dress, wrapping herself tightly in it. If one looked closely, one could see that her face, neck, arms, and even five fingers were full of ash black, coarse warts.

At the age of 13, she started growing warts on her body. Even though her skin didn’t create an inconvenience in daily life, it made her feel inferior and gave her low self-esteem.

Dr. Feng Pau-Shin examined the warts and found that it was caused by a virus infection and her condition was worsening due to her living environment. The warts were largely spread out on her body, and Dr. Feng suggested to only remove the warts on her face.

The surgery was conducted by Dr. Kou Ku-Chia. It had lasted for two hours and Dr. Kou used Ellman to remove ten warts on her face and left thumb.

“The people here can not get medical treatment because they have no money or because they are living in a remote area. The help that I can provide is limited; nonetheless, I will help out as much as I can. I feel very blessed to live in Singapore and I hope I can keep on participating in the free clinic to help people in need ”, the 26 year old Dr. Kou Ku-Chia said.

Kasun Gets Medical Treatment for Back Tumor

On the morning of August 28th, Kasun Madusanke came to the surgical department for help. Kasun had a large tumor on his back. The tumor was like a large hot water bag that dangled on his waist that covered half of his hip area. Kasun is a skinny boy with dark eyebrows and big eyes. Because of the weight of the tumor, his standing posture is a little bit slanted.

Brother Liu Chi-Yu, the executive officer of Tzu Chi Singapore chapter asked Dr. Feng Pau-Shin to help examine the tumor. Dr. Feng decided to transfer Kasun to a private clinic at Colombo, hundreds of kilometers away for further examination. Kasun kept on turning back and looking at his mother as they were leaving for the clinic. It was such a heart-wrenching moment. Tzu Chi volunteers helped him overcome such a hard time in his life.

Madushi Meets Her Savior in Hometown

At the crowded free clinic site, a Tzu Chi volunteer remembered two familiar faces. They were 15 year old, Madushi, and her mother Shanthi.

In 2008, the Sri Lanka Tzu Chi volunteer met Madushi during a visit. Madushi had severe scoliosis and the degree of curvature of her spine was almost 90 degree. The scoliosis jeopardized her cardiopulmonary function and which can become life threatening as she grew older.

Through the volunteer’s help, Madushi, accompanied by her mother, was able to undergo a surgery at Malacca. The surgery was a success and the degree of curvature was corrected to 38 degree, and Madushi was finally able to walk and live like other people.

Tzu Chi volunteers never give up on anyone and it had changed Madushi's life from a life full of despair to a life full of hope. The smiles on her face made the volunteers feel that everything was worth it.

Written by Shu-Yuan Yang, Tsu-Lian Lin
Translated by Eddie Chen, Holden Lin, Lucy Lin

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