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Mar 20th
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Home Feature Stories One Year After Earthquake in Nepal A Follow up Visit to Twin Babies in Nepal

A Follow up Visit to Twin Babies in Nepal

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Tzu Chi’s principle is not only to provide material aid to people in need but also to alleviate their suffering and bring happiness and smiles to their faces. With this spirit, five Nepali Tzu Chi volunteers went to the home of a pair of twins; an anesthetist of Tzu Chi had helped during an emergency caesarean section to deliver them in Madhyapur Hospital on 3rd May, 2015, a week after the great earthquake. When they reached the destination around 1:20 PM, the parents of the twins, Gaurav and Goma, were already waiting in front of their one-story house, built above a small hill. Both parents humbly welcomed Tzu Chi volunteers to their home. One of the twins, Glory, was sound asleep in bed and the other, Grace, was playing with her mother.

Volunteers started the conversation with the parents by introducing themselves and explaining the purpose of Tzu Chi’s follow-up visit. Dr. Nirdesh, a member of the Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA), initiated the interview with the parents and gave them a brief historical background of the Tzu Chi Foundation. The conversation was temporarily interrupted when Glory awoke from her sleep.

This was the second follow-up visit; it was to examine the health status of the twins and their parents and also investigate the family situation. Through the interview, volunteers came to know the psychological and economic difficulties the parents had to face in raising their twins after the earthquake. Both twins were healthy and played happily with the volunteers. Dr. Nirdesh checked their health and found that both Grace and Glory were in sound health.

“Despite a common cold and fever, my babies had no severe health problems,” the mother said. She told the volunteers that she used to rush them to the Korean Hospital in Thimi, Bhaktapur for a checkup even if they suffered from a simple cold. Goma added: “both my children eat everything I give and never refuse to eat. That is why I think they are healthy. I give them healthy foods like fruits and milk with mashed lentil, rice and vegetables.” Both twins were immunized with all vaccines, except Japanese encephalitis vaccine.

Dr. Nirdesh carried out a medical checkup of both parents and asked them some questions. Gaurav Khadka, the twins’ father, is a farmer who has his own organic and non-organic tomato farms with an area of seven ropani (0.9 acre) near his house. These farms are the only source of revenue for the family. His medical status was normal, except for a slight depression due to a financial crisis after the earthquake. He said: “I was very scared and tense about my wife and the health of my babies during the delivery time. I had to face a financial problem because of the operation.” He added: “but I am very thankful to Tzu Chi Foundation for your great support during the emergency and the needs to my family.” Further he praised the work of the Tzu Chi Foundation to support those in need in easing their sorrows and carrying out family-oriented programs, along with medical clinics and rebuilding educational institutions.

Mrs. Khadka is still coping with the trauma of the earthquake. Putting her problems and the difficulties of raising the twins aside, she answered all of our queries with a big smile on her face. She also had normal health when Dr. Nirdesh examined her. After nearly four years of marriage, Goma said: “I am very fortunate to have such a supportive and understanding husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law in my life. Our normal and happy life was turned upside down after the earthquake.” The situation was exacerbated when they had to raise the twins with limited resources. She said: “I remember the doctors, Dr. Rabina, Dr. Reshma and the Tzu Chi doctors involved in my delivery, and I am very indebted to all of them for their help.”

Dr. Nirdesh said that the medical status of twins and mother had improved since the last time he had met them on 3rd May, 2015 in Madhapur Hospital. He said: “it was a heart-rending moment to watch her in pain during delivery but now I am very glad to see both twins and mother healthy and happy.” Another Tzu Chi Nepal volunteer Sanjay Awl expressed the same feeling. He said: “I only heard about these twins from other Tzu Chi volunteers but have never met them personally. I am very happy to see twin babies physically fit and fine.”

The parents were grateful that Tzu Chi was the first organization to extend a helping hand during their difficulties. Most importantly, in accordance with medical treatment and advice, Tzu Chi volunteers showed love and compassion -- the two best remedies for life’s worries.

Article by Sarala Prajapati