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Feb 03rd
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Honoring Buddha Day, Mother's Day, and Tzu Chi Day

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On Sunday, May 8, Tzu Chi will held “Buddha Day Ceremony” worldwide to celebrate the Buddha Day, Mother’s Day, and Tzu Chi Day. The origin of the annual celebration of the three occasions on the second Sunday of May dates back to 1996, the year of Tzu Chi's 30th anniversary.

Let’s come together to purify our minds and hearts on this special day, and to express our deepest gratitude to Buddha, our parents and all sentient beings.

Prayer for Buddha Day

In these times of chaos and unrest
when people’s minds are out of harmony
and calamities occur even more frequently, 
we pray that the Buddha's compassion in us
safeguards all living beings on Earth
and brings hope and light to the world.
We pray that life’s truth guides people
to develop wisdom and create blessings.
We pray that
religious practitioners and all the people
help to alleviate suffering
and bring auspiciousness to this world.
On this day, we celebrate the Buddha's birthday by
repaying the Buddha’s kindness with sincere piety
and praying for a peaceful world.
We repay the love of our parents
by seizing every moment
to be filial and to do good.
We pray that the minds of all people be purified,
all societies be harmonious,
and the world be free of disaster.
We pray for people around the world
to have virtues and abundant blessings 
and to live in peace and safety.

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