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Aug 19th
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Healing Our Minds to Save the Earth

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[Words to Volunteers] The impact of global warming is becoming more serious. In India, temperatures have reached a record-breaking 51 degrees Celsius, and a drought has caused crop failures. Many farmers cannot support themselves, so more than 400 of them have taken their own lives. Additionally, in the United States, Lake Mead, which supplies water for three southwestern states, has reached a record low level, risking water shortage. Meanwhile the forest fire in Canada is still burning. There are now tens of thousands of displaced disaster survivors that need shelter.

We should really look beyond where we live and be more alert, vigilant, and sincere because the imbalance in the four elements has caused disasters to happen simultaneously around the world. Disasters show us that life is impermanent. Yet, we focus our lives on our desires and pursuing pleasure. Consumerism encourages people to spend. As we spend, we unknowingly pollute the air and damage the environment. In manufacturing more goods for people to buy, we‘ve brought serious pollution and destruction to the Earth, disrupting the balance of Nature, hence the frequent disasters.

The state of the Earth reflects the state of our minds. When the Earth is not well, it means our minds are not well either. People are spiritually ill; their minds are out of harmony and filled with greed, anger, and ignorance. This is the root reason why our Earth is not peaceful.

The solution is to bring forth our love and start caring more for the Earth by turning love into action to protect Mother Nature. We can do this by recycling. Recycling reduces the need to extract raw resources from the earth, thereby reducing the damage that is done to the environment. Another way is to adopt a vegetarian diet, which helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions from livestock.

We need to stop blindly going about our lives and look at the bigger picture of what’s occurring on our planet. We need to introspect and take good care of our minds while taking true Dharma to heart and practicing it in every aspect of our lives. We can live in peace and safety only when everyone cherishes the Earth. Otherwise, we will face more worrisome disasters in the future.

From Morning Volunteer Assembly teachings on January 12th and May 23rd and 24th, 2016
Compiled into English by the Jing Si Abode English Editorial Team


" The future is an illusion, the past is a memory. Hold on to the goodness that is in our heart at this present moment and take care to fulfill the duties that we have at hand. "
Jing-Si Aphorism