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Oct 01st
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New Pressure Garment to Improve Rehab Result for Burn Patients

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DA.AI always focuses more on product’s responsibility to society over productivities. For example, knowing that burn patients wear pressure garments 23 hours a day and 7 days a week throughout rehabilitation process which may last from half year to two years, we work together with Tzu Chi Foundation, Sunshine Rehabilitation Centers, and alliance partner GWO JYH knitting Company on developing newly designed pressure garments to help burn survivors from the 2015 Formosa Water Park powder explosion accident.

Hypertrophic burn scars have always been the challenge for most burn patients which may eventually lead to appearance problem, physical difficulty, and mental frustration even after wound has healed. Thus, to help them, DA.AI took on the job to develop new pressure garments that can significantly help with hypertrophic scarring elimination.

Spiritual comfort is also important for burn patients. While working with our alliance partners to develop a breathable and soft fabric, we also added iron-based gray color for a younger and more fashionable look. When young patients wear these gray pressure suits, they feel less awkward compare to the origin nude color pressure garments. DA.AI staffs, Tzu Chi volunteers, and Sunshine Rehabilitation Center staffs all worked together throughout the development process to provide not only best physical help, but also to ease their spiritual pain.

Newly Designed Garment Fabric to Prevent Hypertrophic Scar

DA.AI Technology, Jasmine Li, Taipei


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