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Sep 27th
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Home Global Activities America Tzu Chi Assesses the Damages Caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Tzu Chi Assesses the Damages Caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

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On 4th of October 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused nearly 900 deaths in the southern city of Haiti, with serious damage to the southern cities of Les Cayes and Jeremie. 99% of Jeremie was destroyed by hurricane and according to the New York Times reported on 10th of Oct that damage in Jerome is the 21st century hurricane raging, one of the most serious damage to the city. On the sixth day, a team of Tzu Chi volunteers from the USA and Haiti arrived the two worst-hit cities for disaster assessment.

Jeremie is a developing city and had recently completely its cell phone network; an access highway is newly built to connect Jeremie and Les Cayes cities and shortens the travel time from 20 hours to 3 hours. However, after the Hurricane, 99% of the residents are affected; the problem of water and food shortage has also appeared.

After two days of assessment, Tzu Chi plans to distribute hot meals in the cities of Jeremie and Les Cayes. Volunteers will also provide further assistance to help the affected Haiti people.

Despite the difficulties of conducting disaster relief program, Tzu Chi volunteers determine to bring love and care to the country.

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