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Oct 02nd
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DA.AI’s R2R won the 23rd Creativity and Research Award

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The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration has been annually conducting the “Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprise Creativity and Research Award” since 1993. The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) established this national award to promote unique and great enterprises that commit themselves to valuable product and service development and creativity. The award is divided into information, electronics, machinery automation, service and comprehensive categories.

The 15th Innovative Business Award, the 23rd Creativity and Research Award, and the 19th Rising Star Award held a joint award ceremony on November 18th 2016 by MOEA in the NTUH International Conference Center. DA.AI’s general manager, James Lee, attended the ceremony with honor, for DA.AI’s Recycle to Recycle (R2R) product series has received the Creativity and Research Award recognition from the hands of the Deputy Minister, Jong-Chin Shen, together with other 30 outstanding enterprises.

Taiwan is a large textile manufacturing country and its discarded textile leftovers has caused significant negative impacts to the environment in recent years. DA.AI not only developed recycled textile raw materials, such as Re-PET chips, yarn, and fabrics, but also achieved an extraordinary milestone of turning recycled Re-PET fabric/chip back into new eco garments and accessories in 2015. We named it Recycle to Recycle (R2R) Product Series, which includes blanket, vest, scarf, 3D mask, protective goggle, etc., and patented this technology in Taiwan and mainland China. DA.AI wishes to reduce the negative impact of textile industry to Earth by approaching “zero waste” concept with enhanced technology, since we understand even a simple idea or action can bring huge change to our environment and the world.

DA.AI Technology, Jasmine Li, Taipei


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