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Sep 21st
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Aid Recipients Help Others

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For people living below the poverty line who can only afford one meal a day, a 20-kg pack of rice means more than just food. In the Philippines, when care recipients receive a sack of rice, they want to share it with their neighbors. They are rich in mind and full of loving kindness.

In December 2012, Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) hit the southern Philippine island of Mindanao; over five million people were affected. Tzu Chi volunteers focused their relief work on Compostela Valley, the worst affected area. Since then, volunteers have accompanied the residents along the road to recovery. In November 2013, Tzu Chi began to rebuild the Barangay Mangayon Elementary School, which was damaged by the typhoon, and completed the work in December 2014.

In view of the lack of medical services, Tzu Chi held several free clinics; the most recent was a three-day clinic in Davao City from November 4 to 6, 2016. There were 143 doctors of Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) from seven different parts of the Philippines, Taiwan, and Malaysia. The clinic benefited nearly 6,000 patients.

On April 2017, Tzu Chi volunteers of the Philippines branch held a distribution. The rice was provided by the Agriculture Council of Taiwan. Volunteers personally presented sacks of rice to the residents; while they accompanied them home, the volunteers saw the generosity of the recipients. They were willing to share the aid they had just received with their neighbors in spite of their own difficulties.

“When you are willing to share with others, you feel happiness inside. Every day we worry about our next meal. But, if I can, I still want to share what I have with others. I am content with my current life,” said Haniya, who lives in a poor area. Going through narrow alleys, she lad volunteers to her home. After pouring the rice into an empty container, she held up her hand full of rice, to savor the fragrance. In her mind, she was thinking of other people who need the rice as well.

“I saw four families who live under one roof. The pack of 20 kilos of rice must bring great relief to them,” said Arelene Mae Omboy, one of the volunteers who was visiting the homes of the aid recipients. She saw their difficult living conditions -- but they had radiant smiles on their faces.

“Thank you, Tzu Chi Foundation.” Everyone was very grateful and full of happiness after receiving the high quality rice.

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" One evil thought plants an evil karmic seed; one good thought will result in good karmic fruit. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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