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Oct 03rd
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The 24-hour Central Relief Coordination Center

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Flipping through all the television news channels, Joe Huang and Sean Tan watched every news clip of the damage caused by the torrential rain and collected all the information they could. Only late into the night when they saw repeats of the news did they settle themselves into a temporary bed and a chair in the Disaster Command Center in the Jing Si Abode.

On June 2, caused by an incoming front and southwesterly airstream, torrential rain has caused extensive damage in northern Taiwan. According to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB), as the airstream moves south, southern Taiwan has a strong possibility of experiencing heavy rain. In Kaohsiung, Tzu Chi volunteers have prepared for emergencies. Volunteers around Taiwan have mobilized to visit care recipients, especially elderly people who live alone, and provide relief assistance. In Taipei, after receiving a request from the Department of Social Welfare at 7:00 pm, volunteers in Neihu immediately began to prepare over 100 meals to serve to residents who have been evacuated due to the flooding. They later delivered bottled water and packs of daily necessities to the community center.

Through the night of June 2, only the sound of heavy rain accompanied Huang and Tan while they manned the Command Center and prepared for any incoming emergency request. The next morning, anxious over the safety of people, they got up at 3:20 am and welcomed their teammates on their arrival. They all hope everyone can get through the day safe and sound.

“Last night, there was a call to ask us to assist in…” On June 2, Tzu Chi set up its 24-hour central relief coordination center in the Jing Si Abode. The center collects all information and responds to all requests. Members in the center and volunteers around Taiwan are on high alert and pray sincerely for the safety of all people.

At the Morning Volunteer Assembly on June 3, Master Cheng Yen expressed her gratitude to all the volunteers around Taiwan and reminded everyone to stay safe. “The news showed the mudslides, washed-away roads and broken bridges caused by the torrential rain. I told myself to stay calm … Safety first. Please make sure you are safe before you reach out to others.” The Master asked everyone to make a phone call home to check on the well-being of their family. She also reminded everyone to be vigilant and reverent.

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