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Aug 19th
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Feeling Young Again

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[Master's Teachings] In recent years, the problem of the aging population truly concerns me. Some of our volunteers are also worried that they are already advanced in age. To encourage our elderly volunteers not to give in to old age, I thought to establish a “Treasury of Age". I wish that, our elderly volunteers can save 50 years of their life in this treasury so they'll consider themselves still young and continue to serve with their rich experience.

For the Treasury of Age, I am the first patron. I have deposited 50 years into it and am only keeping 30-some years with me. So, as someone who is in her early 30s, I have a lot of stamina. When I was 30, Tzu Chi was in its second year. This year, Tzu Chi will be in its 53rd year. If I use the mindset of me as a 30-year-old to serve and carry out Tzu Chi work, it is like I’m middle-aged again. At thirty, I was developing the missions of Tzu Chi as well as the spirit and values behind our missions. Now, I’ll serve with the same spirit I had back then.

Volunteers, don’t talk about being old. Don’t let our aging body and the number of our age influence our mind, causing us to act old. We need to think about the life span of the Buddha—which is infinite. This means keeping the Shakyamuni Buddha in our heart. We need to emulate the Buddha’s heart and learn the Buddha’s spirit and love. As long as people learn the Buddha’s teachings, the Dharma-body of the Buddha will continue to exist in this world. As long as we take the Dharma to heart and practice it in our life, it is like the Buddha is still with us, and he lives on.

In walking the Bodhisattva Path, we need to turn our physical age into a spiritual age. For example, if you are 90 years old and you put away 50 years in the Treasury of Age, you are just a 40-year-old with plenty of stamina. Forty is an age that is still considered young; people in their 40s are in their middle age, and have plenty of social experience.

We earn experience with our age, and with our experience, we can better use our age and strength to create a mission that has limitless potential for the future. With wisdom and a mature mind, we can engage ourselves to serve society again, and make Tzu Chi better.

Let us not be limited by our age. We should forget how old we are and just do Tzu Chi work. For every day that we volunteer, we grow in wisdom-life. In walking the Bodhisattva Path, we give of ourselves every day to serve the world, try our best to bring harmony to society, and live a meaningful life.

From Life Wisdom episodes on January 21, 23, 28 and February 4, 6, 2018
Compiled into English by the Jing Si Abode English Editorial Team