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Oct 31st
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Tzu Chi University Presidential Search Announcement

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I. Tzu Chi University is inviting nominations and applications for its next president.

II. Eligibility: A candidate must meet any of the following qualifications:
(1) Member of Academia Sinica, Taiwan
(2) Full Professor
(3) Prior teaching and research experience equivalent to a full professor. 

III. A minimum of three years experience, accumulated, in management/administration positions, at schools, government agencies or business entities. 

IV. Other qualifications:
(1) In agreement with and willingness to carry out Tzu Chi University’s founding principles, educational goals and Tzu Chi’s humanistic culture;
(2) Widely recognized academic achievements and reputation;
(3) Integrity;
(4) Clear vision for education and excellent leadership;
(5) Abundant university management experience;
(6) Free of partisan interests.

V. Candidates may be self-nominated, or nominated by others, and the nomination is open to all.

VI. Nominations should provide Information Form, Nomination Form and required documents. All nominations should be sent via email, tcupsc@gms.tcu.edu.tw, to Tzu Chi University Presidential Search Committee on or before May 31, 2019. 

VII. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.tcu.edu.tw/?page_id=16976 or contact us by email, tcupsc@gms.tcu.edu.tw.

VIII. Tzu Chi University will retain all properly submitted documents, and won’t return any documents to their senders.

Tzu Chi University Presidential Search Committee


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