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May 31st
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Home Feature Stories Epidemic Prevention for COVID-19 Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital Helps the Intl. Airport for Epidemic Prevention

Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital Helps the Intl. Airport for Epidemic Prevention

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Due to escalation of the new coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), Taiwan Centers for Disease Control required all passengers entering Taiwan to fill out a health declaration for early detection of suspected cases. Any sign of fever will be reported and the passenger will be hospitalized for further examination. Others with only respiratory symptoms will be checked at the airport. To collaborate with the government prevention program, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital sends doctors to Taoyuan International Airport to staff the frontline of epidemic quarantine. With everyone working together, epidemic prevention can be firmly in place and diligently carried out.

With the number of suspected and confirmed cases growing, epidemic prevention is everyone’s responsibility. Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital works hard to improve facility and procedures for better prevention, e.g. increased hygiene education for the general public, strictly controlled in-and-out traffic flow, monitored body temperature, required facial mask. Starting from February 20, doctors from Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital have been collaborating with Taiwan Centers for Disease Control to carry out quarantine measures at Terminal 1 of Taoyuan International Airport. Dr. Shyu Rong-Yaun, Deputy Superintendent of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, explained, “Airport quarantine is key to block the virus from coming into Taiwan. In all around Taiwan, medical centers and hospital equivalents to medical centers are collaborating with the government to rotate on quarantine shifts. We have arranged senior physicians with practical experience in infectious diseases, pulmonary medicine, and emergency medicine as priority candidates for the roster.”

Dr. Shyue explained that when dealing with the epidemic, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital respects professional’s opinion and guidance. The hospital works hard to become an effective supporting system for the frontline workers. To calm their stress and anxiety, the hospital has enough safety stock of protection gears and resources.

Similar to the way how seasonal influenza virus spread, COVID-19 virus is transmitted via viral droplets that can land in the mouths or noses of those nearby. When collecting specimen for laboratory testing, swabs are inserted deep into the patient’s oropharynx or nasopharynx. Considering the close proximity and physical contacts between patients and physicians in the collection process, Dr. Su Wen-Lin, Director of Internal Medicine Intensive Care Unit, and nurses of infection control center gave a special training session to physicians before sending them to their quarantine shift. Dr. Su has a lot of experience in epidemic prevention. In this training session, physicians practiced the proper way in wearing and removing the personal protection gears. They also received a summary of other hospitals’ experience in serving the quarantine shifts. The most important reminder in the session is for them to stay safe and healthy. This training aimed to prepare them well and relieve their anxiety. So they can apply their professional skills in the frontline of epidemic quarantine with their mind at ease.

Since the epidemic occurred, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital has daily epidemic prevention meeting. The hospital operates under strict standards. Prevention measures have been initiated to ensure completeness and accuracy in safeguarding everyone’s health inside the hospital.


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