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Sep 21st
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Home Feature Stories Epidemic Prevention for COVID-19 Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital Provides Chinese Medicine Drink to Boost Immunity

Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital Provides Chinese Medicine Drink to Boost Immunity

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As coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate globally, prevention and self-care for boosting immunity is very important. This also stands true for Chinese health tradition of spring season that is officially here in the beginning of March. Dr. Chien Souhsin, superintendent of Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital sincerely expressed his gratitude to clinical professionals who are doing their best in preventing this pandemic. On March 6, he personally delivered the Health Boosting Drink, developed by Chinese Medicine Department based on ancient prescription, to clinical staff as a token of appreciation and also for prevention measures. After they took in the hot drink with a bitter sweet aftertaste, they thank the superintendent for his encouragement.

Dr. Chien personally involved in the making of this Health Boosting Drink with the Chinese Medicine Department. He paid close attention to each ingredient and tasted the sample drink. Then, he delivered the final products to clinical staff in Emergency Care, Infection Control Center, Nursing, and other departments to express his gratitude for their hard work in this pandemic period to safeguard life and health of every patient. He said, “In facing this pandemic, this drink serves to boost staff’s immunity and more importantly, to take god care of their mind and not to overly disturbed by the developing situation. After tasting this drink, feedback from the staff are very good. Some of them asked for refills. Through this drink, they were touched by the care and mindfulness from the superintendent.

The Health Boosting Drink is developed by both Chinese Medicine Department and Chinese Herbal team of Pharmacy Department from Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital. Dr. Chen Jian-Zhong, Director of Chinese Medicine Department of Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital, formulated the prescription. He said that the clinical symptoms and infection situation for the new coronavirus are evolving. From the Chinese medicine’s diagnosis, this belongs to the cold-dampness type of infection. To prevent, the main focus is on strengthening body resistance and boosting immunity. Now is the spring season, a time for multiple diseases to surface and repeat. People need to watch out for respiratory diseases like cold and flu. With this Health Boosting Drink, the hospital wishes to help the public boosting their immunity, topping off their resilience, improving their physique, and staying away from disease-causing wind. By accomplishing these defenses, this drink aims to protect against diseases.

Ms. Hu Renzhen, Team leader of Chinese Herbal team of Pharmacy Department from Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital, said that Health Boosting Drink is based on the ancient Chinese Medicine prescription called Jade Screen with minor adjustment to produce this instant drink. Adjustments include removing ginger, exchanging baizhu (Atractylodes macrocephala) with cangzhu (Atractylodes lancea), and adding a combination for removing dampness and relieving symptoms like huoxiang (Agastache rugosa) and Zisu (Perilla frutescens). With these adjustment, this drink is designed to be more accepted by the public.

For convenience, Health Boosting Drink is available in both herbal bag and instant drink. If people want to cook herbal soup at home, they just need to add the herbal bag to the soup. They can also brew the herbal tea at home using the herbal bag. Ms. Hu said that one herbal bag can make enough herbal tea or herbal soup for a family of five. Recipe for herbal soup is to cook mix-color vegetable with the herbal bag. Carrots, burdocks, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, Chinese yam, black fungus (also known as tree ear or cloud ear fungus), and mushroom are good ingredients to add to the herbal soup. This drink is fit for all age.

Dr. Chen, Director of Chinese Medicine Department, reminds interested consumers to consult with Chinese Medicine doctors for suitability before taking the drink. This drink is not appropriate for people with cold or fever. Anyone with special condition or pregnant women should consult with their Chinese Medicine doctor before drinking.


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