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Apr 02nd
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Home Global Activities Taiwan Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital signs MOU with Kuoshu Wushu Federation ROC

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital signs MOU with Kuoshu Wushu Federation ROC

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The Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the national federation of Kuoshu Wushu to improve the performance of its athletes. In recent years, the hospital has been actively developing sports medicine, and Kuoshu Wushu is a discipline in which the participants risk injury.

On August 28 and 29, for the first time, Hualien hosted an important playoff and championships of the Taiwan national team trial for Asian martial arts in World Tai Chi. They included events in national secondary school and college martial arts. The hospital signed the MOU with the Kuoshu Wushu Federation of the ROC. VIPs at the signing ceremony included Ms. Zhong Meizhu, Deputy Director of Hualien County Health Bureau, Ms. Lin Biyu, Deputy CEO of Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Charity Foundation, Dr. Lin Shinnzong, Superintendent of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, Dr. Ho Tsungjung, Deputy Superintendent of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, Ms. Yang Meijung, Chairman of Kuoshu Wushu Federation ROC, Mr. Yang Jilong, Chief Referee, Mr. Yen Juihung, Deputy Principal of Tzu Chi University, and Mr. Ho Kunyi, Chief Secretary of Tzu Chi University.

Dr. Lin Shinnzong, Superintendent of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, told the guests: “Traditional martial arts promote better health and a stronger body. Medical techniques help people recover and regain health.” According to research, practicing Tai Chi consistently for a long period of time is good for health. Proper medical care can help martial arts athletes achieve better result. This medical MOU brings together Kuoshu Wushu Federation ROC and the Tzu Chi medical system to support Taiwanese martial arts athletes. This is also for the good of Taiwan.”

At the ceremony, gold medalists, including Lai Bowei, Wang Zenming, Zhuang Yuye, Sun Jiahong, Huang Yongchen, Chen Yuexi, Huang Wensheng, Lin Yihui, Guo Bojun and Peng Yuxi gave performances. They demonstrated Southern Fist (also known as Nanquan), Long Fist (also known as Changquan), Tai Chi, Tai Chi Sword Play, Southern Knife, Knife Arts, Southern Stick, Spear, Double Tai Chi, and other programs. Thanks to their contributions, the Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital was full of energy.

Traditional Chinese Kuoshu has developed differently to other martial arts. Those who practice either run the risk of injury. Ms. Yang Meijung, chairman of Kuoshu Wushu Federation ROC, explained that, in doing a 720-degree turn as seen in the competition, any second of lost focus will cause injury. She said that all athletes practiced for a long time with dedication and hard work. They made a long journey to reach the championship. In the process, injury is unavoidable. Sometimes, athletes endured the discomfort. Some received unorthodox treatment, which could be dangerous to their health. Therefore, to have a well-trusted Tzu Chi Medical system to rely on will give great relief to athletes, coaches, family, and friends.

Ms Zeng Zijing said: “I had a car accident to weeks ago. My knees still feel very uncomfortable now.” Her specialties are Long Fist (also known as Changquan), Spear, and Sword Play. She has sought western medical care before. She seized this rare opportunity to receive treatment that combines western and Chinese medicine. What impressed her most was that, after acupuncture treatment to relax her muscles, her knees clearly felt better. Dr. Ho Tsungjung, Deputy Superintendent of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, used to be a martial arts athlete and a national team coach. He has often served as team doctor to help the national team at international competitions. His experience has helped him to understand the athletes well. He hopes to provide adequate medical care and resolve the concern of the athletes and, in so doing, help them to achieve better results. This partnership will also help physicians to build up practical experience and realize how to care for athletes in the frontline clinical situation. All their efforts can enrich the combination of Chinese and western medicine and develop acute sports medicine.

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