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Sep 27th
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Home Global Activities Taiwan Tzu Chi Mobilized for the Severe Rail Crash Accident in Hualien

Tzu Chi Mobilized for the Severe Rail Crash Accident in Hualien

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At 9:28 in the morning, April 2, a passenger train crashed and derailed in tunnel. The Taroko Express train, from Taipei to Taitung, was carrying 490 people travelling for a long-weekend of Tomb Sweeping Festival.

The Daqingshui Tunnel is about 23 kilometers north of the Jing Si Abode, the headquarters of Tzu Chi Foundation, and 30 kilometers north of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital. Upon receiving the news, Tzu Chi Hospital announced the code 9 red for mass casualties.

Tzu Chi volunteers and staff also immediately mobilized to assist and care the passengers, emergency respondents, or anyone who is affected. They also prepared food, bottled water, multifunction folding beds, tents, and more support.

The latest reports from the Central Emergency Operation Center 490 people were on the #408 passenger train, with 51 dead and some 146 injured.

Let us pray for the injured.
Let us pray for the deceased.

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