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Sep 25th
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Searching Lost Family at Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital Quarantine Room

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Where is my son? I want my son.” Nurses often heard this 80-year-old senile dementia patient asking for her son after she arrived the hospital.

“Keep up your good spirit, brother. Your mother is waiting for you to take her home.” Calls after calls of encouragement made by nurses from Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital to a patient at another hospital. This patient’s mother is a patient at the Taipei Tzu Chi hospital. They are both in quarantine. These calls showed nurses’ tender loving care as they work in the frontline to save Covid-19 patients.

As Covid-19 cases surges suddenly, not only is medical capacity under stress test, missing person becomes a concern. Some confirmed cases who are family have been sent to different hospitals. Tracking lost family becomes an issue. Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital recently posted a touching story on its Facebook account. A request seeking lost family from the local department of health was received by the hospital. This notice is from the son looking his old-aged mother. He only knew that the government sent his mother to the hospital using a specialized ambulance but no information was available afterward. After several requests for information, he finally found his mother at Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital Covid-19 treatment room.

“Where is my son? I want my son.” Nurses often heard this old lady asking for her son after she arrived the hospital. However, she is more than 80 years old senile dementia patient. When asked for her son’s contact detail, she could not answer. The hospital had tried but was not able to help. When the head nurse Ms. Chen Meihui learned that this old lady under her charge is the person of interest from the local health department’s missing person search, Ms. Chen quickly obtained her son’s contact number and made a call to let her son know that she is safe and well taken care of.

The fact was that mother and son were both confirmed of Covid-19. However, due to limited capacity at hospitals, they had to wait for admittance notice from the local health department. The son’s condition worsened very quickly. The ambulance came to their home and decided to take the son to the hospital first due to his worsening condition. He was unwilling to let go of his senile dementia mother. His request to take his mother along for admittance were rejected. They were sent to different hospital. Then, he kept calling his mother to find out where she was sent but his mother’s phone went out of battery. He was still not successful at knowing which hospital she was at.

Social worker at the hospital purchased a charger for this old lady’s phone and charged the phone. Head nurse Ms. Chen arranged for son and mother to have a live chat and talked over the phone. Then suddenly the next day, the son’s condition worsened. They could only have simple telephone calls.

“Mom, how are you?” A weak voice mixed with coughs coming from the phone asked.
“I am very good. How are you?” This old lady was happy to hear her son’s voice.

“Mom, listen to me careful and don’t say anything. From now on, I probably can’t take care of you anymore. So, you have to listen to the doctor and nurse. You do what they tell you to because I really am not able to care for you. You do not make trouble or loud noises. Take good care of yourself. Be nice like a little girl.”

“Can I call you when I need you?” The old lady asked her son. He replied with silence because he could promise nothing. He asked his mother to pass the phone to the nurse and said, “My mother can’t take care of herself. I am sorry to trouble you but please be mindful and look after her.”

Later on, the team of nurses caring for the old lady lost contact with her son. A sense of helpless started to spread. They could only pray for him sincerely to wish him well.

Whenever they found time, they would call him. Calls were not picked up or returned. Finally, two days later, their call was successful. Head nurse Ms. Chen said, “It is a miracle. Her son’s condition improves. I quickly told her son to keep up his good spirit because his mother is waiting for him here. Surrounding nurses also join me and loudly cheer him up.”

Hearing these well wishes, he cried. The next day, with the help from nurses, mother and son finally saw each other again through the live chat. The old lady looked at her son and had tears in her eyes. “Mom, you have to eat well and take good care of yourself.” The son kept reminding his mother. Surrounding health care personnel silently sent their well wishes to mother and son to recover soon. Hopefully, they can improve and return home to have a family reunion soon.

Article and photo provided by Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital
Translated by Yuru Chou

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