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Sep 23rd
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Home Feature Stories Epidemic Prevention for COVID-19 Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital Supports a Quarantine Hotel

Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital Supports a Quarantine Hotel

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Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital steps up to serve at one of the five special quarantine hotels in New Taipei City. This location admits 174 patients with mild or no symptoms. Medical team has to monitor patient’s condition constantly. Dr. Chao Youchen, Superintendent of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, went to the special quarantine hotel to encourage patients and medical personnel.

“This pandemic is at a very serious stage. I hope everyone will cherish your safety and be alert of the danger we are facing. Take good care of yourself and people around you. Endure current restriction and inconveniences in exchange for safety of all. Dharma Master Cheng Yen calls on the public to resonate our compassionate thoughts into a greater protection force for Taiwan to stay away from disaster and be safe. Let’s follow plant-based diet to save animals. Facing with global spread of Covid-19 virus, we need the world to join together in compassion and daily fasting.” Dr. Chao said.

With hands together, Dr. Chao led the medical team and patients in the special quarantine hotel to pray sincerely, regardless of faith, for this pandemic to pass soon.

Happy birthday to a 9-year-old boy

Children always look forward to birthday gifts. In the special quarantine hotel where Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital is stationed, a 9 years old boy spent his birthday in quarantine. Medical team prepared thin noodle and cake to deliver warm care for this family in quarantine.

Through the camera, medical team in the special quarantine hotel lobby and a family in quarantine upstairs celebrated birthday together for a 9 years old boy.

Dr. Zheng Jingfeng, Vice Superintendent of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, said, “We prepare to celebrate his birthday. When we call, his mother says that he ate the cake already. He did not have dinner yet. I think this boy is very happy. This celebration is not just for them. This also gives us the motivation to move forward.”

This family of five with a 9 years old boy came to be quarantined in a hotel. They could not celebrate his birthday like before. However, the hospital asked the chef to specially prepare thin noodle, symbolic for longevity, and cake to deliver to their room for their enjoyment.

Ms. Li Yingying, a dietitian of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, said, “No one wants to be infected. We sympathize with their situation and do our best to satisfy their needs. Give them some help in resources. We hope to help them recover and return home quickly.”

Of 250 patients living in the special quarantine hotel, 30 of them are children at elementary school age or younger. Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital arranged special snacks for young patients.

Medical personnel are busy on the frontline but they also treat patients like family and deliver sweet care and well wishes.

Custom plant-based diets for residents

In the special quarantine hotel under Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital’s care, meals provided are completely vegetarian. This is a partnership between hospital’s dietitian and hotel’s chef. They adjust meal ingredient based on age and health condition.

Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital offers medical care at the special quarantine hotel. This includes three meals a day. Dietitians manage these meals. Meals provided are completely vegetarian.

Ms. Li Yingying, dietitian of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, said “In order to increase patient’s immunity, we give the chef a quick hygiene education on protein food sources. We hope to provide patients with good quality and enough protein.”

For patients with special needs like younger age or chronic illness, a customized meal plan is provided.

She said, “Special meal selection include softer ingredient or avoid sweet drink. For young children, milk and milk product are specially prepared for them.”

A family of four with two young children are infected and check in to the special quarantine hotel. They gave their appreciation to the full vegetarian meal selection and its nutrition.

Hotel workers dress in protective clothing and deliver more than 200 meal boxes to different floors. To be able to provide only vegetarian meals and customized menu, dietitian’s professional service and full support from the hotel are essential.

Executive Chef said, “Seeing how hard these medical personnel work, our CEO and Chairman of the Board believes we can help. Sometimes I think of my family. I have elderly at home. We cook for these patients like family.”

Warm encouragement from neighbors

In the special quarantine hotel, professional medical team and hotel operator work together to safeguard patients and carry out full pandemic prevention. New Taipei City Government also deliver their well wishes and apples. Together, we work toward ending the pandemic soon.

Local government sets up special quarantine hotels. Neighbors posted encouragement on their windows. This is to the surprise of medical personnel working in the frontline. A very touching development to everyone.

Two days into the opening of special quarantine hotel, about 200 patients check in to the hotel. At the peak time, six ambulances arrived together. Medical team, police, fire department, hotel operator work closely together. To avoid interrupting the neighborhood’s peace and quiet, ambulances turn down siren and light approaching the hotel. Then the most beautiful scenery appeared two days later outside.

Dr. Shyu Rongyuan, Vice Superintendent of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, said, “We never imagine that two days later, we see signed appreciating our hard work. This is truly very touching. I share this news with the hotel’s Chairman of the Board. He also says that everyone’s love is crucial for encouragement.”

Originally, there were worries about neighbors having doubts and concerns for setting the special quarantine hotel. Seeing supports from the community, medical personnel who leave their family to serve in the front line voluntarily are fully touched.

Ms. Chen Yiru, Nurse of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, said, “Seeing this is pretty heartwarming. When we are hard at work, these positive supports make us very happy.”


" Be prepared for crisis even when all is well, so that we won't end up wishing in vain for safety when danger befalls. "
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