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Jan 25th
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Critical Patient Recovery at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital with Western and Chinese Medicine

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A Covid-19 patient in intensive care at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital has been the center of news in Hualien. She is the owner of a motorcycle helmet store. With combined treatment of Western and Chinese Medicine at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, her condition improves. Concentrated Jing Si Herbal Tea is a part of Chinese medicine used for her treatment. Another patient, male and 80 years old, has also recovered and moved from the intensive care unit (ICU) to special Covid-19 ward for observation.

The son of the helmet store owner has also been infected with Covid-19 but only a mild case. He posted online his encouragement and prayer for his mother, who was at the ICU. Seeing this family’s love and care, Dr. Lin Shinnzong, Superintendent of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, was very touched.

He pointed out that when the female patient arrived at the hospital, her blood oxygen level was very low, an indicator for her critical condition. Among critical patients, she was one of the worst. Thank goodness after 24 hours in the ICU under careful treatment of both Western and Chinese Medicine, her condition improved and her vital signs stabilized with normalized blood oxygen level. Medical team in charge of her care will continue this combined treatment and askes the public to pray for her speedy recovery.

Dr. Ho, Vice Superintendent, said, “One day after treatment, oxygen is not turned on at the highest level for her. Her vital signs stabilize. Her temperature comes down and normalizes.”

The first critical Covid-19 patient in Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital was an eighty years old male. He was unconscious when he was admitted, with fever and difficulty in breathing. Original assessment was to prepare tracheal intubation if his condition worsened.

The Superintendent said, “His lung’s X-Ray is white because it is not air inside. His lung is filled with fluid. This fluid build-up impairs the oxygen intake by the lungs.”

Luckily, after critical care team administered both standard Western medicine for critical Covid-19 patient and Chinese medicine in the form of concentrated Jing Si Herbal Tea for four days, his condition improved with no fever. He regained conscious and breathed normally. He has transferred to special Covid-19 ward for mild case patients.

The Superintendent emphasized that Covid-19 medical team in Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital carried out their duty to the best of their ability to care for every Covid-19 patient. Although currently there has not been effective medicine targeting Covid-19, this medical team combines efforts from both Western and Chinese medicine to save every Covid-19 patient. We hope that all critical patients can improve to have only mild symptoms and then recover soon to go home.

Ms. Zhong Huijun, Director of Nursing of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, pointed out that nurses treat every patient with utmost care. Even though nurses are fully dressed in protective clothing, they work hard to carry out the best quality care. When they see patients have to be further treated because of increased nose and/or mouth secretions or changed breathing noises, they will give patients clear explanation before mucus suction even if they are critical patients under tracheal intubation or under sedation. Sometimes, in one shift, nurses have to administer mucus suction several times. They do what they can to make patients more comfortable.

For example, an eighty plus years old patient woke up in ICU under tracheal intubation, he could only shake or nod his head to express himself. Due to the pandemic, his family could not go into ICU. Ms. Zhong shared that attending nurse helped the patient to have video conference with his daughter to ease his anxiety and his family’s worry from waiting outside and not be able to see him personally. These video conferences often lasted about 20 minutes. This patient has improved to mild symptoms.

Dr. Lin, Superintendent said, “Combined treatment of Western and Chinese medicine can help patients to gain maximum relief. Therefore, Chinese herbal medicine and combined treatment of Western and Chinese medicine are very helpful in treating critical cases as well as mild cases.”

On June 2, Dr. Lin Shinnzong and Dr. Tsung-Jung Ho, Superintendent and Vice Superintendent of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, reported situation updates to the county government about treating Covid-19 patients. They also present a gift of concentrated Jing Si Herbal Tea to the government.

Ms. Hsu Chen-Wei, Hualien County Magistrate, was very grateful to have the medical team using both Western and Chinese medicine in helping patients. She planned to purchase concentrated Jing Si Herbal Tea to help confirmed cases in Hualien County. Hopefully, critical cases improved to be mild and continued to fully recovery. She and the country government staff sent their best wishes for every patient’s speedy recovery. With everyone’s dedication in preventing pandemic, this pandemic will end soon.


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