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Jan 28th
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Chinese Medicine Jing Si Herbal Tea Reduces Covid-19 Virus Count

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At the end of 2020, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital developed Jing Si Herbal Tea for health and wellness. Covid-19 pandemic peaked in 2021. Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital surveyed and provided Jing Si Herbal Tea to Covid-19 patients every day. Clinical finding showed patient’s virus count and inflammation index had gradually decreased.

Jing Si Herbal Tea selected local Taiwanese herbs, including Artemisia argyi leaf, Anisomeles indica, Ophiopogon japonicas, Houttuynia cordata, platycodon roots, Licorice, Perilla leaves, and Chrysanthemum.

Dr. Wu Yaokuang, Director of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital Emergency Management Center, pointed out that when patients were admitted, Chinese and Western medical teams obtained patient’s consent and separated patients into two groups. Control group continued with original medical treatment plan. Herbal Tea group added Jing Si Herbal Tea three times a day to the medical treatment plan. Based on almost the same clinical condition in the age, sex, severity of pneumonia, comorbidity indices, studies were focused on virus count, inflammation index, and hospitalization days for these two groups, a total of one hundred plus patients. Initial research observation found that drinking Jing Si Herbal Tea had improved virus count and inflammation index without any adverse reaction.

Chinese and Western Medical Teams are very excited to reach such finding. Further studies on blood and X-ray changes will continue. Research teams will keep up their hard work to find the best treatment plan for patients.

Article by Liao Wei-Chin
Photo by Lu Yi-Hung
Translated by Chou Yu-Ru
Source: TC News


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