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Jan 28th
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Home Feature Stories Epidemic Prevention for COVID-19 Mongolia Seeks Pandemic Response Lessons from Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital

Mongolia Seeks Pandemic Response Lessons from Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital

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In Mongolia, an average of more than 1,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 occurs daily since the beginning of July. Needs for medical capacity increase rapidly. Mongolia’s Fourth Hospital is going to admit Covid-19 confirmed patients. To ensure the better preparation, they learned from Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital over video conference. Medical teams shared experience openly and discussed actively.

Dr. Lin Chin-Lon, CEO of Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, said, “I think Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital provides excellent care to Covid-19 patients. In this wave, number of admissions in the Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital is the highest in Taiwan. With these practical experiences, they will sure to provide the most effective treatment suggestion. By sharing and exchanging, this is learning experience for both hospitals.”

Representatives from Taipei Trade and Economic Office in Ulaanbaatar, CEO of Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, Mongolia’s Fourth Hospital join the video conference to exchange experience in caring for Covid-19 patients.

Dr. Chao Youchen, Superintendent of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, said, “Mongolia’s Fourth Hospital really wants to understand what medicine to prescribe and how to treat confirmed cases who are women and children. In Mongolia, this wave of pandemic has many patients who are women and children. Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital has learned many valuable lessons in the recent wave of pandemic. Therefore, we aim to share and exchange experience in treating Covid-19 cases. Through this exchange of lessons learned, I hope Mongolia’s Fourth Hospital will have a smoother operation procedure in admission and medical care.”

In total, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital admitted 889 confirmed cases. Of them, six were pregnant and delivered their babies in the hospital. Doctors from Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology gave a talk about how to treat pregnant and young patients and key points to be cautious for delivery process, including associated risk for each procedure and how to determine the best time to deliver the baby and delivery method.

Dr. Chiu Hsiao‑Chen, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, said, “Team work for the medical team and details in infection controls need to be continued improved in the real practice. Every patient comes with different condition and need to be treated accordingly. Continued review and improvement are the ways to reach the best treatment plan and care methodology.” Medical teams also shared decision making with the patient’s family. To reduce the risk of infection for new born, the new born needs to be immediately moved to a safe distance and monitored separated. The entire medical care process for pregnant patient and her delivery was full of risk and complication, very challenging to the medical team’s emergency response and teamwork ability.

In regarding to rising young patient numbers, pediatrician and infection control specialist was one of the speakers.

Dr. Wu Ping-Sheng, Vice Director of Infection Control Center in Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, said, “For children who have Covid-19 infection, they often display light to no symptom. However, tests show they have high virus amount and transmission risk. These are key to watch out when treating young patients.” He also clearly explained the details in infection controls, including traffic flow, isolation and triage measures, staff health monitoring, virus screening for high risk departments, hand sanitization, and environmental disinfection.

In the Q&A session, Dr. Lan Chou-Chin, Director of Pulmonary Medicine, hosted the discussion. Speakers answered many questions from Mongolia. For example, do hospital have to require medical personnel staying in the designated dormitory? How to transport medicine to confirmed cases? What is the average length of stay for sever cases?

Mongolia’s Fourth Hospital is scheduled to open on August 1st for Covid-19 patients. Through this video conference, medical teams from Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital had shared their know how to help Mongolia combat the pandemic. At the conclusion of the conference, both hospitals agreed to maintain communication and exchange medical experience on an ongoing basis. This will help both hospitals to learn and to build up knowledge base. Together they can provide higher quality care and do their share to prevent the pandemic.

Article by Tsao Yun-Chi
Translated by Chou Yuru


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