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Aug 19th
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Work Together to Help the Zhengzhou Flood Affectees

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On July 20 2021, would any commuters in Zhengzhou, Henan province in China, foresee that they would be hit by torrential rain and be stuck in a road tunnel and the subway? An astonishing 8 inches of rain came down between 4 and 5 p.m., and resoulted in deaths and damage in Zhengzhou.

Tzu Chi volunteers from several cities rushed to Zhengzhou at once; some came from distant places, and encouraged the volunteers around them to come and serve.

They were busy purchasing goods. The owner of a baby goods store did not even charge them before delivering 5,000 pieces of diapers -- just because she trusted Tzu Chi volunteers.

This time, volunteers organized aid relief with wisdom. What does it mean “with wisdom”? Volunteers laid out the goods and those affectees stopped at each booth to take what they needed.

“I got towels, soap, a blanket, and a bucket,” a young girl told a Tzu Chi volunteer.
“My house has been entirely flooded and these are exactly what we need now,” said her mother.

A volunteer of a local organization said: “I’m also one of the people affected. We came to volunteer, to receive and distribute the supplies, and help the elderly and the children. Today, Tzu Chi came to distribute buckets, washbasins and towels -- the things we need the most. Many of the elderly people are so moved that they cried. I am touched, too.”

Volunteers from Tzu Chi and other organizations in the city all came together with sincerity. They have the same mindset to help and care for the flood affectees with love.

Life is truly impermanent. From this flood, it showed how severe the crisis of our world is. Volunteers in Zhengzhou presented the kind nature and sincerity. They have devoted themselves to giving their strength and love and bringing peace and safety to the world.

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" We all have a pure and clear Buddha nature, obscured by afflictions and delusion. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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