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Aug 19th
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Home Feature Stories Epidemic Prevention for COVID-19 A Special Thank You to Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital for Safeguarding Lives at a Quarantine Hotel

A Special Thank You to Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital for Safeguarding Lives at a Quarantine Hotel

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On May 31, 2021, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital stepped up to undertake a major responsibility and joined New Taipei City government in running a quarantine hotel in Xindian district for confirmed Covid-19 patients. As the pandemic slowly came under controlled, the quarantine hotel had stopped receiving new patient on July 16. Then on the early morning of July 22, an overall environment disinfection began. Finally, on July 30, this quarantine hotel was decommissioned and returned to normal operation. To expression the government’s appreciation, Mr. Chen Chunjing, Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City, and Ms. Gao Shuzhen, Deputy Director of New Taipei City Department of Health went to the quarantine hotel on July 29 to present the certificate of appreciation to the medical team, hotel staff, and the police. Their dedication and hard work were greatly appreciated.

For 55 days, a total of 25 doctors and 44 nurses worked with 15 policemen and 45 hotel staff to ensure the quarantine hotel in Xindian operating safely and smoothly. This hotel had admitted 594 patients. Of them, 144 patients were transferred to Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital for further treatment and 2 patients transferred to other quarantine hotels. The deputy mayor pointed out that in the middle of May, daily confirmed cases in New Taipei City was over 100. To expand the response capacity in a short time, the government must relied on the private and not-for-profit sectors. By joining forces together, this mission to control the pandemic was possible. He said, “This has been a monumentally difficult mission.

With help from all sectors and the people, they provided critical resources and cooperated with the government to complete this mission of quarantine hotel smoothly. Thanks to dedication and support from Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, police, hotel staff, and disinfection team from Department of Environmental Protection. With their contribution, a complete pandemic prevention system was quickly set up to increase New Taipei City’s medical capacity. They had helped greatly. Without them, this would not have been possible.”

In offering treatment, the medical team designed standard operating procedures starting from triage for incoming patients. Twice a day, telephone calls were made to check up and assess patient’s physical and mental conditions. This would help to detect severe cases early. Countless heartwarming stories occurred between patients and medical personnel during this period of time. For a few days, large group of foreign workers were admitted. Nursing team tried hard to communicate with them using Google translate. Through words, nurses tried to understand them and express warm care to make them feel better.

Recalling how this mission began, Dr. Chao Youchen, Superintendent of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital indicated that the entire process was really not easy. Members of the medical team faced the unknown with questions. To prevent any break in the defense line against the pandemic, medical team organized series of training lessons for police and hotel staff who had no infection control and medical background. Also, medical team gave them regular Covid-19 tests and vaccinations. In return, these arrangements had safeguarded their health and protected them throughout the mission.

The mission had successfully wrapped up and the quarantine hotel decommissioned. All 129 members from medical team, police, and hotel staff were safe. Dr. Chao expressed his gratitude toward the city government and every member working at the hotel for their support. He said, “After testing confirmed, every member is safe and sound. This mission has been really not easy. Medical team will go back to the hospital and return to normal medical capacity.” He also wished this pandemic would end soon. Medical team returned to their job at the hospital and began participating in vaccination and normal medical procedures. They will continue to save every precious life with their professional skills and keep up their good work in fighting the pandemic.

Article by Liao Wei-Chin
Translated by Chou Yuru

" To give is better than to receive. "
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