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Sep 27th
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Thoughtful and Wise Medical Team

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Can you measure love? How much does love weigh? How do medical personnel deal with troubles calmly? Let us find the answer from Taichung and Taipei Tzu Chi hospitals in Taiwan.

In Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital, medical staff weighted the scrubs before they put them on, and then after they were soaked with sweat. During 500 shifts, they had to support all the people who had a quick test; their sweat weighed 84 kilograms altogether. Now they know the 84 kg of sweat!

“The 84 kg is not just sweat, it also represents our devotion to people, the responsibility on us to care for their health, and our hope for peace and safety,” said Supt. Chien Sou-hsin (簡守信) of Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital.

Although the work is tiring for all the healthcare workers, in their hearts, they remain wise and thoughtful. At the testing and vaccination stations, medical staff of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital are dressed in PPE from head to toe. They also wear an enlarged ID on their chest. Then the elderly patients will know who is inside the PPE and feel more at ease. How thoughtful they are!

At Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, the wise medical personnel skillfully arranged a “balloon nurse” to calm the anxiety of a 70-year-old COVID grandmother. She has panic disorder and needs company. The medical personnel stuffed the PPE suit with plastic bags, put on a cap, gloves, covered the feet and drew a face on the balloon. With this “balloon nurse”, they successfully calmed the old lady. Later, she even started to talk to the balloon nurse!

The medical personnel also helped two COVID patients -- a father and a son -- improve their relationship. The medical team shared the positive power of Jing Si Aphorisms. They also read them Master Cheng Yen’s blessing letter, which usually is given to patients when they are discharged. All these friendly actions reduced the distance between patients and the medical team, and the father and son had a good interaction as well.

Gentle and thoughtful, the medical personnel feel the anxiety of the patients infected by the virus and that of their families and friends who cannot even be with them to provide care. The medical personnel give their love and wisdom however they can to the patients and heal both their physical and mental illnesses.

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" The beauty of a group lies in the refinement of its individuals. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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