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Oct 03rd
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Home Global Activities Asia How much Influence Do Children Have on their Parents?

How much Influence Do Children Have on their Parents?

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How much influence do children have on their parents? A mother gave up her fish stall in the market, and a father devotes his free time to volunteer in his children’s school. Wonder why? Let us read two stories of parents in Chiang Mai Tzu Chi School, Thailand and find out.

“My child has been in Chiang Mai Tzu Chi School since she was a first grader,” said Mu Nuowen (
沐諾雯), who always agrees with the education philosophy of Tzu Chi School. Now her daughter is in the third grade.

Every day her daughter shares with her what she learned from school. On Buddha’s Birthday in Thailand, her daughter stopped her trying to kill mosquitoes and said: “Mom, since it's Buddha’s Birthday today, we shouldn’t kill them. My teacher told us we must protect life. Please don’t kill them, just drive them away.”

Hearing her daughter's advice, Mu Nuowen was very moved. “My daughter is so young, but she can think of the right principle. I’m an adult but I didn’t do the right thing,” she said. Then she thought of her fish stall in the market. She killed and sold fish every day. In her heart, at that moment, she repented deeply. From then on, she decided to kill no more and to change her business into a fruit and vegetable stall.

Since that day, she has also started to devote herself to charity. Now she is a Tzu Chi certified volunteer. She vowed to follow Master Cheng Yen’s steps and continue to do good deeds.

Li Yinghe (
李英和) is another good example of someone influenced by his daughters. Both go to the Tzu Chi school. Every evening, they share their school life with him. His elder daughter encourages the family to do recycling; his young daughter shares the idea of protecting and respecting animals. She also constantly asks her mother to make vegetarian meals.

“Dad, why don’t you volunteer in our school when you are free?” his daughters asked him. Touched by his daughter's sharing, he said to himself: why not? Later he took part in volunteer training. While he is with Tzu Chi volunteers, he feels that they treat him like a family member.

So he joins school events more often, especially Tzu Chi’s charity work. In doing so, he also helps students of the Tzu Chi School to care for the recipients. This helps the students realize how blessed they are. Li Yinghe comes to the school club’s class on Thursdays and has good interactions with students. He vows to dedicate himself to Tzu Chi charity work.

Li Yinghe is grateful to have opportunities to do good deeds. He truly believes: “Practicing filial piety and doing good deeds should not be delayed.”

This is the 16th year of the Chiang Mai Tzu Chi School. There are 14 school staff and nine parents certified as Tzu Chi volunteers, because they want to be more involved in its work. During the pandemic, the school opened a humanist culture class online. Mu Nuowen, Li Yinghe and other parents joined the class and realized vegetarianism is the only solution to this pandemic. So they enthusiastically promote it.

Children can have a positive influence on their parents. As long as it is right, just do it.

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