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Aug 19th
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In Haiti, Tzu Chi Distributes Aid with Caritas

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After Tzu Chi conducted a survey in Haiti on August 21 and 22 following the devastating earthquake, its first Haiti Earthquake Response Team from USA arrived in the country on September 1. Tzu Chi volunteers are carrying out relief there by working in a relay of love.

This time the team will conduct disaster relief work for 16 days and train local volunteers how to continue the work of Tzu Chi. Meanwhile, the 250 boxes of instant rice and 100 Jing Si folding beds from Taiwan have arrived in Tzu Chi’s Haiti campus.

“Those affected are truly in need of these life-saving supplies,” said volunteer James Chen. “The disaster areas are vast. In Les Cayes and Jeremie, and many remote places in particular, it’s hard for those affected to receive aid.”

So how does the Response Team extend their helping hand to these remote regions? They need help from local organizations. So they visited Caritas Haiti to discuss exactly how they could work together to distribute relief materials.

Mr. Chen said: “Most NGOs cannot seem to reach the rural city of Jeremie. If Caritas Haiti can help us and extend a helping hand there, Tzu Chi will appreciate it very much.” According to his wish, he got a very kind response from Caritas Haiti.

Caritas Haiti Executive Director, Father Jean-Herve Francois, said: “We’re very willing to collaborate with other institutions that share the same values. In the coming days, food insecurity will worsen. Even if there is food in the country, people who live in the south, especially in rural areas, may not have access to food, so helping those in need of food is very crucial.”

Getting relief materials to those in need is a shared goal, while volunteers work on purchasing and shipping relief items. Caritas Haiti is locating the families affected the most. The two have organized a distribution for up to 2,000 families in Les Cayes and will host it on September 10th.
On September 6th, Tzu Chi’s Haiti Earthquake Response Team distributed supplies to 5,000 families. Tzu Chi volunteers will continue to send food, relief supplies and medicine kits to Haiti. Emergency relief work will continue until the end of October to help 30,000 families affected by the earthquake.

With genuine love and sincerity, regardless of a person’s religion, Tzu Chi volunteers provide disaster relief to the needy.

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