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Oct 03rd
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Heart-warming Packages for Afghan Refugees in U.S.

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Home is home. But, if home is not home anymore, how do refugees feel? What do they need? Tzu Chi volunteers have thoughtfully prepared warm packages for Afghan refugees who have arrived in the United States.

By the end of August, a number of Afghans reached safely in the U.S. With the help of the United Nations, they have been temporarily placed in states such as Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Texas.

Love from Tzu Chi continues after its Headquarters received an invitation to work with the U.N. and the Federal government to provide assistance to these refugees. Tzu Chi seized the opportunity by providing initial assistance including 1,000 packs of daily necessities. In September, at the Tzu Chi U.S. Headquarters, many volunteers were busy preparing 1,000 warm packages to send to the first group of Afghan refugees in Wisconsin.

Tzu Chi volunteer Curtis Hsing said: “Each distribution bag will contain one blanket, one scarf, and a family first aid kit. It will also include the Tzu Chi monthly magazine, as well as words of blessings from the Master and the well wishes of global volunteers.” Included in the envelope will be cards made by the students of the Tzu Chi Academy, welcoming the refugees and greeting them as they were family and friends.

In the world, many people are suffering. Tzu Chi volunteers always find ways to relieve their suffering. It is a result of natural or man-made disasters, caused by the imbalance of people’s minds. Nature’s elements have become imbalanced. Not only has the world’s population grown very large, but people have complicated thoughts due to their desires and ignorance. To build a better world, let us give of ourselves for the common good ceaselessly and work hard for world peace.

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