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Sep 28th
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Home Global Activities Africa Tzu Chi Gives Rice to 1,480 Needy Families in Zimbabwe

Tzu Chi Gives Rice to 1,480 Needy Families in Zimbabwe

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Is it hard to eat three meals a day? For you probably not, but it is for many people who suffer from hunger, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people in Zimbabwe in southern Africa fight hard to survive. Fortunately, in September this year, Tzu Chi distributed rice to 1,480 needy families in Mashonaland West Province in Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe, many people struggle to survive every day. A package of rice allows a family to live another day. At the distribution site, the recipients sang loudly to express their gratitude.

After receiving 10 kg of rice, they were no longer anxious. One mother was moved to tears. What the Tzu Chi volunteers offered was love and care. They helped those recipients who have physical difficulties, one by one.

One recipient, Evermore Kunhonga, said: “My life is really difficult. Because of my health condition, I can’t do many things. I just want to say thank you for the rice. This lets my family live another extra day.”

Another recipient, Joyce Maruwa, said: “My daughter has passed away, leaving my grandson for me to take care of. I’m grateful to you. You really help me a lot. It is a huge relief to me. I’m going home to cook for the child.”

At the distribution site, the smell of rice was all around. Poverty and hunger were serious issues for those present. The bags of rice on their heads were a temporary solution to their difficulties.

Local volunteer Muda Magaya was touched by the event and said: “What is happening here today is Tzu Chi is giving away the rice to those disadvantaged people. What I’ve learned from Tzu Chi is that we are all one. Besides our skin color, wherever one is coming from, we are all one.”

Tino Chu (朱金財), a Tzu Chi volunteer in Zimbabwe, expressed his gratitude to the local volunteers for coming and helping the rice distribution, “There are three distributions in total today. I’m so grateful. Some people are assisted by their family members while some turn up themselves.” The volunteers helped all those recipients with physical issues and without any family to assist them.

Tzu Chi volunteers never expect anything in return when they help others. They show their gratitude to the recipients and others. They learn this from the Dharma. The Dharma teaches the volunteers to reach out to and help people who are suffering. This is how Tzu Chi volunteers learn the Dharma, share it, and practice it to serve people.

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" Constantly practice goodness when you are healthy; plant the seeds of goodness to reap the fruits of blessings, thus, paving the way to a healthy life. "
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