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Mar 31st
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Comfort the Uneasy Mind after Kaohsiung Fire

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In the early hours of October 14, 2021, at 02:54 am, a fire broke out in a 13- floor building, Chengzhongcheng (城中城), in Kaohsiung in southwestern Taiwan. The fire claimed the lives of 46 people. Firemen extinguished it after about four and a half hours.

After 3 am, Tzu Chi volunteers in Kaohsiung received the news They spread the message, and a group of them went to the site. Seeing firefighters, volunteer firefighters, and policemen there, the volunteers promptly prepared drinking water, beverages, and breakfast for them very early in the morning.

As well as caring for the firefighters, they also comforted those who had lost beloved family members in the fire. Some came right after they heard the news. In addition, some residents of the building were terrified -- they escaped the fire with nothing at all. The volunteers gave them comfort and support, embraced them, and provided the help they needed.

Later in the morning, volunteers visited fire-affected residents who have moved elsewhere. They also provided them with comfort and support.

Visiting Nearby Boroughs
The fire has left many surrounding residents and shopkeepers with lingering fear and uncertainty. To relieve their anxiety, nearly a hundred Tzu Chi volunteers gathered in front of the Kaohsiung Chengzhongcheng Building. They divided into five groups to visit the residents of four nearby boroughs on October 24. They bought care packages and blessings to comfort their anxiety. They also invited them to join a blessing ceremony held by Tzu Chi on the 26th of October, Tuesday night.

“On behalf of the Master and Tzu Chi volunteers all over the world, we would like to bless you and ensure everyone is safe,” the volunteers said. They went door to door and worked to calm the hearts of the residents and soothe their sense of unease.

Tzu Chi volunteer Yang Mingzhu said: “From today’s visit we learnt that many residents feel lonely because their old neighbors passed away in the fire, but life still has to go on.” The volunteers could imagine the fear and panic of the residents during the fire as they rushed to save their lives.

This shows us the impermanence of life. This fire caused horror and anxiety in so many, and it is truly a tragedy. Tzu Chi volunteer with a word of comfort, and a sincere blessing hope that everyone will get out of the haze of fire and welcome a better future with love.

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