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Feb 02nd
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Deliver Love during Malaysian Floods

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“We’re Tzu Chi volunteers. Do you need meals?” Tzu Chi volunteers in Malaysia stood in the rain outside the fence, kindly asking villagers in their homes who had been affected by flooding.

“Thank you so much. We have been hungry until now. We can’t do anything. I can’t go out. I have to use an induction cooker to cook but dare not plug it in.” A housewife replied and was grateful to receive the box meals.

Heavy rains in Malaysia caused flooding in many places. Klang was one of the most heavily damaged areas. The houses of many people were submerged in water, so Tzu Chi volunteers in the Kuala Lumpur and Cylinder chapters immediately mobilized. They conducted a disaster survey and thoughtfully prepared hot meals and medicines.

As of the morning of Friday December 17, the heavy rains had not stopped; as far as you could see, water covered the land. On the night of the 18th, the Malaysian Meteorological Department issued a red weather warning for Klang valley and Pahang. Eleven of the 35 rivers in Selangor had water above the danger levels. Severe disasters had been reported in many places.

The reason for the flood was that December 18th was the 15th day of the lunar calendar. The moon caused the sea water level to rise. It was high tide flooding. Facing a vast ocean of water, some people said that this was the worst flooding during the past 30 years.

While it was still pouring, Tzu Chi volunteers were cooking 400 box meals at the central kitchen in Klang. They distributed them during the disaster survey. With help from a restaurant, the volunteers were able to provide 2,000 box meals.

Volunteers drove four-wheel drive vehicles into the disaster area and assisted in the evacuation of survivors. During their investigations, the volunteers did not forget to care about the survivors. They went from door to door to give the meals to the survivors, and made sure they had food to eat.

While delivering hot meals, they found a person with diabetes who lived in one house but whose medicine was in another. So the volunteers brought the medicine to him in the four-wheel drive car, even while the water level was still high.

After the water receded, the volunteers had a very unusual and meaningful Christmas. From December 24 to 26, they started to help the affected clean up their homes and environment.

From December 18, the volunteers were mobilized to conduct disaster surveys at flood-stricken areas and relief centers. They also delivered packed meals, dried food supplies, blankets, clothing, mats, bottled water and other necessities, as well as love and care, to those affected by the floods

So far, Tzu Chi Malaysia has mobilized 1,091 volunteers. Their aid has reached Klang, Shah Alam, Dengkil, Puchong, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Kota Kemuning and Hulu Langat and helped 24,961 recipients. They delivered 22,156 hot meals to the stranded families.

Around the world, we have seen, heard, and felt all kind of disasters in different countries. The world is the huge and spacious home of Tzu Chi volunteers. Wherever there is a need, their love will be there. The power of love is something incredible.

Let us pray together for the flood victims to receive timely aid, and for everyone to live in peace and safety.

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