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Aug 14th
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Da Ai TV Celebrates 24th Anniversary with Gratitude and Aspirations

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On New Year’s Day, 2022, Da Ai TV station celebrated its 24th anniversary. It invited nearly 300 Tzu Chi volunteers to share the growth and glory of Da Ai TV. The volunteers are the most reliable and solid backers of the station. Working together, the staff of the station will combine their duties and aspirations, and continue to spread love and positive thoughts. Let the world light up with Great Love (pronounced as Da Ai in Chinese).

The celebration started with the sound of the Da Ai TV Drum Team and it aroused everyone’s heart at the party. Then they prayed for the world and celebrated the 24th anniversary of the station with gratitude.

Wang Duanzheng, CEO of Tzu Chi Culture & Communication, said: "Bringing purity to people’s hearts is the core value of our programs, our news, and all of our colleagues' efforts, including dramas. Master Cheng Yen always encourages and expects us to keep our news reports truthful and guide people with the right views."  

Eric Yao, Chief Diligent-Ensemble Officer of the Tzu Chi Culture & Communication Foundation, said: "The disasters in the world have not decreased. They have increased, become bigger, and become more serious. For many years, the Master has been always telling us that we’re running out of time -- and we’re running out of time. She never means to scare us, but to tell us that we have to realize it from the heart that we’re running out of time."

That is the reason why Da Ai TV always put its efforts to bring purity to people’s hearts by reporting truthful stories and guiding the viewers with the right views.

Tzu Chi senior volunteer Hou Meiying has supported Da Ai TV for a long time. She believes that Da Ai TV has opened the eyes of society to the power of compassion. She said: "Watching the Da Ai TV Channel allows us to understand more about global trends and the actions of charity. That is to say, watching the Da Ai TV Channel can make you feel the hope of the world.”

Founded in 1998, Da Ai TV started broadcasting globally via satellite in 1999. It went digital -- the first in Taiwan -- in 2005, and launched an HD channel in 2012. The channel broadcasts news, dramas, and different types of programs suitable for viewers of all ages 24 hours a day.

Working for a non-profit station, the staff put all their efforts into creating content that inspires people, transforms lives, and builds a better world for all. You can find their programs on the website: http://tzuchiculture.org/da-ai-tv/

A kind thought is the seed, a kind heart is the flower, and a kind act is the fruit. Everyone has this seed. Da Ai TV hopes to awaken the kindness of people, so more and more kind seeds will be planted and flourish and there will be a better world for everyone.

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