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Dec 02nd
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Tzu Chi 2021 Year in Review (Video)

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In 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic had not lost its grip on humanity, with those who live in poverty to begin with being worst hit. On top of that, severe disasters brought about by extreme climate conditions, widening wealth inequality, and rising worldwide inflation had affected us all around the world. Despite all the challenges, Tzu Chi volunteers had not slowed down its effort to relieve suffering and bring peace to people's minds and they’ve shipped pandemic relief supplies to 126 countries and regions.

Click the link and watch the video to learn more about their work over the past year!


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" If we don't do something meaningful, our life will pass by in vain. But if we work unceasingly for the betterment of mankind, ours will be a beautiful life. "
Jing-Si Aphorism