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Jan 27th
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Taiwan Aid Recipient Pays Back the Love by Volunteering

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With the loving care of Tzu Chi volunteers, many recipient children have grown up and become successful. To express their gratitude, they are more than willing to give back and help the needy. Tzu Chi volunteer Qin Kunlin(秦坤琳) is one of those recipient children.

In 1986, Qin's father was diagnosed with tuberculosis, hospitalized and unable to work; his mother was disabled and could only make woolen handicrafts at home. The family was in financial difficulties. The Lunar New Year was around the corner; what could they do?

On a freezing cold day, Qin’s mother shed tears while she held the rice, clothes, food and relief money sent by Tzu Chi. This scene was imprinted in Qin's heart; he was 13. “How precious and warm it is to send aid in our hour of need,” he thought.

His father was discharged from the hospital, and recovered gradually. By the time Tzu Chi volunteers sent the fourth month's relief money, Qin’s mother has just started a job as a nanny. Although her income was meager, she thought she could make both ends meet. So she took the initiative to stop the relief.

Inspired by the volunteers, his parents started to volunteer at Tzu Chi themselves. When they heard that the Master was planning to build a hospital, they raised donations for hospital beds. When the Master called for environmental protection, they also followed suit.

Qin’s mother said: “My son told me that he also wished to become a certified Tzu Chi volunteer.” So, in 2010, he took part in volunteer training. After two year’s training, he was certified this year (2022) and promised before Master Cheng Yen: “Master, I do not let my time slip by in vain. I carry out Tzu Chi’s work with other volunteers. I’m happy to become a certified Tzu Chi volunteer. Here I vow before Master to work even harder, while doing Tzu Chi’s work with other volunteers.”

Thirty-six years ago,Tzu Chi extended a helping hand to support and assist the Qin family to overcome their difficulties. Now it is the turn of Qin Kunlin to embrace the suffering people in the world, give of himself with Tzu Chi and help the needy. This is the cycle of love. This is the true meaning of a successful life.

The Tzu Chi recipient children are like trees that grow big, blossom and produce many seeds. They give love by helping the needy; then many seeds of love can be sown, take root, and grow into big trees around the world. Only then can everyone enjoy blessings and live a life of abundance.




" It is never too late for a deep-rooted affinity to blossom. Do not worry over a distant journey as long as one finds the way. "
Jing-Si Aphorism