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Oct 02nd
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Tzu Chi Prepares Aid for Ukrainian Refugees

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The war between Russia and Ukraine is still raging, forcing hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to take refuge abroad. Master Cheng Yen, founder of the Tzu Chi Foundation, cannot bear to see their hardship and urged everyone to pool their love and kindness together to eliminate disasters.


Since 1979, Tzu Chi volunteers have been providing humanitarian aid to refugees in many countries, including Turkey, Jordan, Serbia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Since 2016, with the permission of the Republic of Serbia Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, Tzu Chi volunteers in Europe have provided humanitarian aid to refugees in Serbia. They have provided children’s health education, hot meals of Jing Si instant rice with reusable bowls and utensils, and distributed winter and summer clothing, stationery, slippers and other daily necessities. Each day, refugees were recruited in a cash-for-work program to assist in the distribution of meals. Besides, up to September 2019, Delta Electronics in Germany donated 57 refurbished laptops to refugees to contact their families.

According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, more than 874,000 people had left Ukraine as of March 2 morning New York time. More than half have gone to Poland and others have gone to Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia, with 43,000 moving to Russia.

As for those people who have stayed in Ukraine, millions, including vulnerable groups and the elderly, have been forced to crowd into air defense facilities such as subway stations to avoid airstrikes.

Seeing Ukrainians fled away from their homeland, in the spirit of humanitarian aid, the Foundation has also actively sought ways to help the refugees. It has started to collect funds and material, in order to provide emergency relief to the Ukrainian refugees in Poland, and help them settle down and feel at ease.

Master Cheng Yen is very concerned about the situation of the Ukrainians. At the Volunteer Assembly on February 28, she appealed to everyone to sincerely pray for peace in the world, and pray for peace in everyone's heart. She said: "Only when the heart is peaceful, and the man-made disaster be quelled."

Po-Wen Yen, CEO of the Tzu Chi Foundation, said that, from Syria to Afghanistan, the Foundation has always maintained a humanitarian standpoint and extended a helping hand to refugees in war-torn countries. Tzu Chi will start refugee assistance operations for the Ukrainians as soon as possible.

The Foundation has contacted Tzu Chi volunteers in Poland and neighboring countries in Europe to collect emergency supplies such as daily necessities, medical supplies, blankets, and food to provide to refugees at the border.


Fundraising efforts are ongoing in Taiwan now. Tzu Chi Hospitals in Hualien, Dalin, Taichung, and Taipei all had fundraisers for Ukrainian refugees.

On March 2nd, a fundraiser and prayer for Ukraine were held at the Tzu Chi Taichung Hospital. Supt. Chien Sou-hsin (簡守信) and over 120 medical staff and kind patients pooled their love together and donated about NT$110,000 (US$3,930).

Tzu Chi invites everyone to share their love and care for the Ukrainians who have fled their homes, so that they can settle down physically and mentally, and be healthy and safe.


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