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Aug 16th
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Home Global Activities Asia El Menahil International School Becomes Chinese Qualified Test Center in Turkey

El Menahil International School Becomes Chinese Qualified Test Center in Turkey

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In Taiwan, people inherit the mainstream culture of China. To help more foreigners understand China’s rich culture, people in Taiwan have developed and promoted Chinese proficiency tests to help foreigners evaluate their fluency in Chinese. Similar to English tests like TOEFL and TOEIC, TOCFL helps foreigners increase their competitiveness in society and work.

In the process of learning a language, you need an objective and fair test to understand your own level; and the Chinese Language Proficiency Test is a standardized language test used by the government in Taiwan. It is impartial and enables people to understand quickly their own ability. The Test has an official certification and its credibility has become the preferred choice for foreigners.

To meet the needs of Chinese language learners in Istanbul, El Menahil International School officially passed the review in 2021 and became a qualified test center for overseas Chinese language verification.

After ten days of charity distribution, on March 4th the preparatory team held its first preparatory meeting for the Chinese Testing Examination in the Humanities Classroom on the sixth floor of El Menahil. The participants included Nadya Chou (周如意), Faisal Hu (胡光中), Mohammad N Aljamal (小穆), Abudulla Hatip, Hani Aldib, Ahmed Shekhi, Yousef Aljamal and Ömer Yılmaz attended the meeting.

The meeting discussed previous work for the examination, including the date, time and place, examination and registration methods, as well as how to publicize and promote it. In the future, a website will be set up to provide services and information to candidates in need. Everyone was eager to welcome this new event and proud to be a part of it!

Candidates who have passed the test will be able to use their certificates to apply for Taiwan scholarships, universities, and research institutes; they can also enhance their competitiveness in the workplace and improve their chances of using Chinese. Hopefully, everyone can seize the opportunity to study. Do not miss it!

Everything in this great universe has a lesson for us to learn. Tzu Chi volunteers in Turkey always think further and have a bigger picture for El Menahil students. They put a lot of effort into helping students attain more skills and prepare for their future.

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