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Oct 02nd
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Home Global Activities Europe Tzu Chi Issues Gift Cards to Help Displaced Ukrainians Survive Harsh Winter in Poland

Tzu Chi Issues Gift Cards to Help Displaced Ukrainians Survive Harsh Winter in Poland

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The Tzu Chi volunteers in Germany were reluctant to stop for a moment. They knew that the snow was falling, and the displaced Ukrainians in Poland were looking forward to their arrival and bringing more daily necessities to help them survive the suffering caused by the Russian invasion.


More than 400 people benefited from the issuance of the first gift card.

On April 2, 2022, two German Tzu Chi volunteers and one Dutch Tzu Chi volunteer traveled to Poland to join Polish Tzu Chi volunteers. Four distributions of gift cards and blankets were held in the hall of the Simulation Center of Lublin Medical School, the refugee dormitory, the Red Cross shelter, and the Caritas shelter, and benefited 451 people.

After receiving the blankets from the volunteers, the displaced Ukrainians held the blankets on their chests and tears welled up in their eyes - this group of strangers had traveled thousands of miles to Lublin. They had brought blankets from Tzu Chi in Taiwan and gift cards from a local supermarket in Poland; they not only asked for nothing in return, but also softly comforted their wandering and restless hearts.

No-one knows when or if Russia will cease its invasion of Ukraine. More than 4 million Ukrainians have fled to neighboring countries and become refugees, including more than 2.4 million in Poland. For more than a month, Tzu Chi has tried every possible way to contact international friends, hoping to bring warmth to the displaced Ukrainians.

Since the first distribution in the suburbs of Poznan on March 5, Tzu Chi has continued to care for the displaced Ukrainians. In April, Tzu Chi also distributed shop cards. The displaced Ukrainians can purchase necessary supplies at designated supermarkets with the shop cards. This gives their freedom and dignity to purchase and also makes every cent of donation achieve the best result.

Pool our love together to cease the war

More and more kind-hearted people are devoted to the common good in Poland. In addition to relatives and friends who are studying, working, and doing business in Poland, experienced Tzu Chi volunteers from Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands traveled to Poland to help local volunteers plan large-scale distributions.

It is worth mentioning that, during the distribution in Lublin, seven displaced Ukrainians involved in a cash-for-work project helped others to help themselves. In each distribution, volunteers arranged activities to introduce Tzu Chi to the displaced Ukrainians and local volunteers, and sincerely invited everyone to pray together.

Meanwhile, Tzu Chi volunteers from all over the world have seized every opportunity to promote common goodness, and raise money for the displaced Ukrainians to inspire the compassion in everyone’s heart.

The distribution was successful. Tzu Chi is sincerely grateful to the teachers and students of Lublin Medical School, the Red Cross and Caritas for their support. After the heartwarming interaction, the displaced Ukrainians melted into smiles, which is a sign of love. And this love is still going on, and everyone earnestly hopes that the war will end as soon as possible.

Pray for the world as the founder of Tzu Chi, Master Cheng Yen said; later, it became the lyrics of the Three No’s:
There is no one in the world that I don’t love
There is no one in the world that I don’t trust
There is no one in the world that I can’t forgive
All the sorrow, blame, and worry just let it go

May this great love fill the world through all of time”

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