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Sep 27th
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Home Global Activities Taiwan In Taiwan, A Food Stand Couple Pool Every Little Love together to Help Displaced Ukrainians

In Taiwan, A Food Stand Couple Pool Every Little Love together to Help Displaced Ukrainians

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Kindhearted Yang Weiyuan

“Please give with love by making a donation. No matter how much it is, you can help the displaced Ukrainians,” said Yang Weiyuan who runs a food stand with her husband in Zhongli, Taoyuan, encouraging their customers to drop their change into coin banks.

Why do they want to help the displaced Ukrainians?

Yang said: "I saw (the news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine) the other day that there was an 11-year-old boy, he just went by himself with the phone numbers of his relatives and friends written on his hand. I don't know if he could walk so far by himself like this. You think about the fear and helplessness in his heart. It's really sad to see him."

Spread the power of love

With hearts full of love, the couple came up with a fundraising idea, and hoped to inspire everyone’s love and pool everyone's contributions together no matter how tiny the amount was because even a penny was helpful.

Tzu Chi volunteers in Zhongli also put effort to promote it by calling on more people to order desserts from Yang and then the power of love spread like this.

Similarly, Tzu Chi volunteers all over Taiwan have held many fundraiser activities for helping the displaced Ukrainians since the Russian invasion occurred.

Bamboo bank spirit

Back to 56 years ago, when Tzu Chi was founded, volunteers were encouraged to save 50 NT cents (about 0.01 US cent) daily so bits of money could be pooled together to help the needy.

Over half a century, Tzu Chi volunteers have been saving that to help the needy. Until today they still practice Tzu Chi bamboo bank spirit.

When we all give of ourselves gratefully without asking for anything in return, the world will become most beautiful.

Every day, we can give rise to sincere piety and love, and then put into action. When we harbor the hearts of compassion, naturally the world can be in peace and harmonious. A beautiful life depends on how we interact with one another. Nothing is more beautiful than people’s unity, harmony, and mutual love.


Video of Yang Weiyuan:

(1051) 蔬菜盒飄麵香 攤商義賣援助烏克蘭 - YouTube