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Jun 03rd
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Home Global Activities Asia In Philippines, Tzu Chi Gives Water and Porridge to Rescued Villagers

In Philippines, Tzu Chi Gives Water and Porridge to Rescued Villagers

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In April 2022, Tropical Storm Megi had a deadly impact on the Philippines. In the central province of Leyte, the worst affected area, landslides devastated communities, wiped out houses, transformed the landscape, and left 42,000 people homeless.

Tzu Chi Cares For Villagers

On April 11-12, Tzu Chi volunteers from Ormoc cooked porridge at an evacuation center. They also drove a fire truck from Da Ai Village and cooperated with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry to provide clean water.

Another group of Tzu Chi volunteers went to a hospital to care for injured villagers. According to rescue teams, there were five landslides in Baybay City. In the hospital, many rescued villagers were on beds on both sides of the corridor. Doctors examined and treated them one by one.

A Long Road to Recovery

Unpredictable rain and soil conditions have often interrupted the rescue operations in Baybay. The evacuated residents will be resettled by the government. Baybay City Mayor Jose Carlos Cari said: “First, we need folding beds, clothes, and food. So far our local government is taking care of it. It will take a long time to recover, because the villagers are homeless.”

Clean water and hot porridge

The area hardest hit by Tropical Storm Megi was in dire need of clean water resources. Tzu Chi dispatched a fire truck from Ormoc Da Ai Village to offer clean water, and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry fully assisted. Even at night, people still carried containers and lined up to get clean water.

The day before the fire truck in Ormoc also helped to evacuate residents from Da Ai Village when the water came up to waist level. At the time the water was rushing and fast, villagers pulled ropes, helped each other, and went to the roof to wait to be rescued.

In the shelter, each square tent could temporarily accommodate a family, but they could not cook there. Tzu Chi volunteers in Ormoc mobilized to cook hot porridge with different flavors for the evacuated villagers. As people evacuated one after another, even at night, they could still enjoy the warm love of Tzu Chi volunteers.

Reducing Disaster Impact Together

To have favorable weather without disasters is what we want every day. Climate change is extreme. To protect Mother Earth, we have to reduce our desire, and try our best to control CO2 emissions. The best way is to become vegetarian.

Look at what is happening around the world -- disasters have struck many countries. With mudslides and collapsed houses, people have lost their life or their family members in an instant.

Many people have been affected in the Philippines; people from other areas want to help, but the roads are damaged.

When a disaster occurs, by pooling the strength of every Tzu Chi volunteer together, Tzu Chi will be able to go promptly and help the people who are suffering.

Tzu Chi needs more volunteers. Join Tzu Chi, so you can also reach out a helping hand to the needy. If everyone can do this, our world will be saved. Only in this way can we start to reduce disasters.

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