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Oct 03rd
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Relay of Love from the South African University

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After the typhoon hit Taiwan on August 8th and caused flooding and damage to Southern Taiwan, Tzu Chi Youth Group (Tzu Ching) from the University of Bloemfontein, South Africa, took the initiative to apply for permission from their university to raise funds for the victims. Their diligence and sincerity moved the hearts of the university board that supported them in their endeavors. Tzu Ching members took turns utilizing their free time between classes to canvass in their cafeteria for contributions of the heart as well as money donations.

University campus is a place for young people to study and it is also one of the happiest times in a person's life. Many Tzu Ching members seek their education there. Young people are enthusiastic to help those in need. Whenever there is a large catastrophe that requires people's sincere vigilance, volunteers and Tzu Ching members will walk into the campus to spread love and raise donations.

Lee, Yu Tin and Chung Hong Yu sent in the application to the university board for the fundraising activity. After the school had carefully reviewed all the documents and considered previous positive interactions, the activity was quickly approved. From noon to 2 PM on September 3rd, 2009, the university allowed them to hold the fundraising activity in the cafeteria.

Gratitude for Sharing Ceaseless Love

Due to tests and part-time jobs, Tzu Chi Youth Group members (called Tzu Ching) were afraid that not too many volunteers would show. When the day came, large numbers of bodhisattvas came from all directions. Volunteers took time out from their studies to come and help. Many of them could not stay for the whole function, but their efforts definitely encouraged everyone. If they had time, whether it is half an hour or an hour, they were welcome to participate, even if it wasn't for the whole two hours.

Tsiee Malete, a native South African, who had participated in the camp hosted by Tzu Chi Foundation, also took time between classes to help with the event. She made use of an hour's time between two classes to rush over and join the fundraising efforts. All students seemed hard pressed to resist the bright smile and optimism from Tsiee. Everybody responded warmly to donating money to the victims. The emergence of sincerity and energy let love and kindness circulate incessantly around the cafeteria. Tzu Ching members’ appeals made everybody stop and spread love. Volunteers used a grateful heart to respond to every compassionate donation.

While everyone was cleaning up after the event, a Tzu Ching member, Hsu Ye Yan said that she would like to donate as well. Then she donated all the money in her purse.

One needs to seize the opportunity to promptly give to those in need and transform the touched heart into action. Give with a joyful and grateful heart. As long as one is willing to give, then one will have the strength to help the victims to rebuild their homes soon.

Translated by Translation Team: Jack Tseng, Holden Lin, Lucy Lee

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" When walking, as we step one foot forward, we lift the other foot up. In the same way, we should let go of yesterday and focus on today. "
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