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Sep 27th
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Tzu Chi's First Gift Card Distribution in Warsaw, Poland

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On May 6, Tzu Chi held its first gift card distribution in Warsaw and helped 621 Ukrainians in 254 households who have fled to Poland since the Russian invasion on February 24. Each of them received a gift card worth 2,000 Polish zlotys (about US$450). They were astonished and joyful to receive such a large sum of money.

Tzu Chi Volunteers from Afar

Addressing the Ukrainian care recipients, Tzu Chi volunteer Faisal Hu said that Poland was far from Taiwan, the United States, Spain and Germany. For the relief distribution, Tzu Chi’s volunteers had come from nine countries, he said. They represent Master Cheng Yen, founder of Tzu Chi, and Tzu Chi volunteers around the world who wanted to send love to this place.

Tzu Chi volunteer Nadya Chou said: “Although we only had one week to prepare, we have great confidence.” And she knew there were many difficulties to overcome.

Thinking that the Ukrainians in Poland might move constantly to other places, Tzu Chi decided to give them gift cards instead of food supplies. In this way, they can buy daily necessities on their own.


Tzu Chi Ukrainian volunteers

Among the volunteers were 27 Ukrainians assisting in the distribution. The day before, the Ukrainian volunteers called each care recipient who had registered online and urged them to come to collect the gift card. As a result, the three distributions were very successful, with 94% attendance.

Tzu Chi Ukrainian volunteer Tatiana Voytovich (left) happily says: "I kept telling everyone that we will have the gift cards! Yes! We got them. I think that these cards just gave everyone hope."


Care Recipients Astonished and Moved

A Ukrainian care recipient (left) says
: “First I thought it was a misunderstanding, or something, it couldn't be happening. It was so unexpected and wonderful!"

Ukrainian care recipient Irina (right) says: “We received financial support, which means a lot to us. But what is most important is that we received love and care. As they said on stage, ‘Everyone contributes as much as they can.’ Everyone passed us a small part of their soul.”

This Ukrainian care (left) recipient says: “This gift card lets us know that we won't starve tomorrow! I have two grandchildren and I will be able to buy something to make them happy.”

Natalila (right), another Ukrainian care recipient, says gratefully: “My husband and I have eight children. When I learnt that cards would be given to each family member, I cried with joy. I think we will have a food supply for our family for half a year or more.”

This Ukrainian care recipient (left) says joyfully: “I know that I can buy any food we want, and more importantly, not only food, but other items of daily life.”

Ukrainian care recipient and volunteer Anastasia Malashenko (right) is astonished: “I still can't believe that such a huge sum of money is shared with someone for free. It is happening to me.”

What will this relief distribution for the Ukrainian recipients? Irina, one of them, said: "The support from people all over the world is invaluable. And now I am completely sure that Ukraine will get back on its feet!”


Embrace with Open Arms

Tzu Chi volunteers from different countries have gathered together to bring love to people from Ukraine. Although the volunteers and the Ukrainians speak different languages, they embrace them lovingly with open arms, in order to comfort their hearts and let them know that they are loved and not alone.

With great loving kindness, we can bring peace to people’s minds, and with great compassion, we can lift people out of their suffering.

Article in Chinese by Fan Ting and Borja Campillo

Watch the story on Da Ai TV: https://www.daai.tv/news/abroad/544750




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