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Oct 05th
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Home Global Activities Europe In Poland, Tzu Chi Brings Warmth and Love to Ukrainians

In Poland, Tzu Chi Brings Warmth and Love to Ukrainians

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In May 2022, Tzu Chi volunteers from eight countries and regions gathered to bring aid to Ukrainian refugees in Poland. They have prepared supplies, blankets, and also gift cards, equivalent to cash. They have communicated with supermarket chains carefully so that the Ukrainian care recipients with Tzu Chi gift cards can buy what they need.


Tzu Chi Gift Card

The GDP per capita in Ukraine was last recorded at US$3115.86 in 2020 according to official data from the World Bank. There is a large amount of money in the Tzu Chi gift cards, each equivalent of about 2,000 Polish zloty (about US$452).

Tzu Chi gave out a card to every person in the Ukrainian care families. Tzu Chi Gift cards have a relatively higher cash value, and the Ukrainian care recipients felt astonished to receive them. After seeing the value, they felt grateful and were touched from the bottom of their hearts.

Eco-friendly Blankets

The blankets from Tzu Chi to the Ukrainians there symbolize love from Taiwan, which is far from Poland. Tzu Chi’s blankets are of high quality and the Ukrainians are truly in need of them. Ukrainian girl Kate did not expect that it would be so cold in the morning in Poland. Tzu Chi’s blanket helped her stay warm. The blanket is made of recycled plastic bottles. It is eco-friendly and very useful to those, like the Ukrainians, in an emergency situation.


The Reason Why

Tzu Chi volunteers from far away traveled to Poland to serve, using their own money. It is hard work to cross many countries to reach there. Some bought plane tickets while some spent several days driving there.

Time is very precious, and Tzu Chi volunteers pay out of their own pockets to bring love to the needy, which is very precious too. This is the reason why Tzu Chi gives out ample and useful supplies to care recipients so that they will feel valued. Tzu Chi volunteers also comfort care recipients personally, so they will always remember how they have been cared for and loved in their time of need.

Every relief item has a value. Life also has value. Tzu Chi volunteers believe that they must express the value of life by giving with love, so everyone will always remember how they have been cared for with love.

There are Tzu Chi volunteers around the world. The Foundation wants to inspire more to join. Originally, there were no Tzu Chi volunteers in Poland. Our relief mission this time has inspired some to volunteer with Tzu Chi.

Hopefully, more people will also be inspired. In a time like this, many Tzu Chi volunteers come together to reach out and bring aid to the needy.


Everyone Can Help

With the turmoil caused by the Russian invasion, we all need to share the great lesson of inspiring love and goodness in everyone and pooling love together to help the Ukrainians. Not everyone can comfort them personally and many of us are far away from them. The only way is by inspiring all to help them with one heart.

Let us sincerely call on people around the world to practice all-embracing love which cherishes all living beings and always treats everyone with gratitude, respect, and love.

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