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Jan 28th
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Home Global Activities Europe Tzu Chi Holds Small Scale Distribution for Absent Ukrainians in Warsaw

Tzu Chi Holds Small Scale Distribution for Absent Ukrainians in Warsaw

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In Warsaw, Poland, when Tzu Chi gave out gift cards and blankets to Ukrainian refugees, occasionally some of them did not attend. What could Tzu Chi volunteers do?

Faisal Hu, a Turkish volunteer, said: "We were distributing from the 1st to the 11th session. Some care recipients didn't come, and we couldn't bear it. We just didn't want them to lose this opportunity, so we made careful calls and asked them one by one to find a time for a small-scale distribution for them.”

On May 21, Tzu Chi held this small-scale distribution for the absent care recipients. It is just like a village gathering; actually, a great deal of thought had gone into this small-scale session. And all the care recipients felt it.

After receiving the gift card and the blanket, a Ukrainian woman enthusiastically said that, when they returned to their hometown in Ukraine, they would be there, waiting for and welcoming the arrival of the Tzu Chi volunteers.

The volunteers have come together from 11 countries and regions, as well as those in Poland, for the common goal of helping those who are suffering.

Wherever people suffer, Tzu Chi volunteers always look for ways to bring aid and supplies to them. Despite different religious beliefs, Tzu Chi volunteers work together and express admiration for one another. They work together with love and hope that great love will light up the world and bring peace to the world.