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Jan 28th
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Tzu Chi Spread the Spirit of Coin Bank in Warsaw

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In 1966, Tzu Chi started with 30 members who saved NT 50 cents (about US 2 cents) every day to do charity work in Taiwan. That was the origin of the Tzu Chi spirit of the coin bank. And its volunteers have been spreading this spirit in Poland.


Spirit of The Coin Bank

Ukrainians suffered the most painful ordeal of their lives after the Russian military invaded their country. Tens of thousands fled to Poland. Feeling their pain, Tzu Chi volunteers from 11 countries and regions have gathered in Poland. They have not only given out aid and supplies but also promoted the practice of Tzu Chi’s coin bank, so those suffering Ukrainians can also create blessings by modest donations.

On May 21, Faisal Hu, a Tzu Chi volunteer from Turkey, said in a small-scale distribution for Ukrainian care recipients: "In Tzu Chi, everyone puts a little bit of change into the coin bank every day to do charity. That is why we can come here to help you. Today you have a chance to donate. Any change will be enough. Even if you have no money to put in, your kind thoughts will be fine. When we keep good thoughts, the world will become a better place."

Wherever Tzu Chi volunteers go, they always encourage people to join the relief effort. Many Ukrainians seized the chance to put their love, coins, or banknotes into the box. After that, Hu shook the box and said: "This is the sound of love. It means you care about those who need love."

Thank you for your love

A Ukrainian woman was moved by Tzu Chi’s sincerity and help. She said: "Thank you for your love for our people. At this difficult time, we are in Poland, and you cannot go to Ukraine. When we return home, we will be waiting for you in Ukraine."

When everyone is inspired to give with love, naturally the world will be in peace and harmony. Then there will not be any war, the climate will be balanced, and a pure land can be created in the world.

Please contribute your love little by little every day. Let us create a better world with love.


Please click here to know more detail about the spirit of coin bank.


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