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Mar 31st
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Global Praying Ceremonies

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Global praying ceremonies for Taiwan's August 8th flooding and the 10th annual memorial of September 21st earthquake was held in Tzu Chi chapters in 114 locations across 20 countries simultaneously. Every participant prayed for peace for in the deceased and quick recoveries for the survivors.

Tzu Chi Foundation held a worldwide praying ceremony on September 19th, 2009. The event locations in Taiwan include Millennium Park in Pingtung County, Nantou County Tzu Chi Branch Office, Wu-Fong Elementary School in Taichung County, and Chi Shan Junior High School in Kaohsiung County. It was a live broadcasting event connecting Tzu Chi worldwide locations including 21 contact points in mainland China, France, USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa simultaneously.

During the event, the disaster documentary video clips again reminded everybody that “the world is impermanent and the land is fragile”. Many video clips about Tzu Chi volunteers’ action on disaster relief and comforting the sufferings had deeply touched many people. Survivors of the earthquake also shared their emotions as well as sent their gratitude to the Tzu Chi volunteers for providing them the first hot meal after the devastating quake. The Taiwan Bunun aboriginal tribe, who are also the survivors of the August 8th flooding, showed their appreciation by performing their eight-part harmonic singing.

The event ended with simultaneous praying worldwide through the internet. Towards the end of the praying ceremony, everyone lit a candle symbolizing world peace and all sang out their sincere wishes for a natural disaster free future. With the sounds of the peace bell, everyone prayed and dedicated merits to all beings; in addition, everyone truly wishes that we all can be free from all fears.

Written by: Tzu Chi Foundation Secretarial and Religion Department

Translate by: Jack Tseng, Charlotte Lin, Lucy Lee
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