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Jun 01st
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Tzu Chi Collegiate Volunteers Pass Light On

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On May 31, 2022, Tzu Chi Collegiate Association celebrated its 30th anniversary. On this day 30 years ago, the Tzu Chi Collegiate Association was founded, with the blessing of Master Cheng, Yen, founder of the foundation. More than 170 students from 40 colleges and universities in Taiwan took part in the meaningful founding conference.

Tzu Chi collegiate volunteers uphold the Buddha's spirit of compassion, loving-kindness, joy and equanimity. They aim to inspire the conscience of others and develop the goodness and virtue of young people.



The meaning of the Logo

On the logo of Tzu Chi Collegiate Association, there are two hands, one placed on top of the other and holding a lit candle. They symbolize how each collegiate volunteer lights up their own candle with the flame and passes on the light to other candles.

As Tzu Chi collegiate volunteers come forth one after another to serve, society can be filled with more light and hope. While the light of the first candle is passed on, this candle remains as bright as ever without losing its light.

The shape of the logo is a lotus flower that carries the hands holding a candle. This logo represents Tzu Chi collegiate volunteers and can be seen on the chest of their uniforms.

The founder of Tzu Chi, Master Cheng Yen, reminded Tzu Chi collegiate volunteers always to keep the lotus flower in mind. The lotus flower signifies that pure nature will not be polluted.

The uniform Tzu Chi collegiate volunteers wear has the logo with the image of two hands together. This logo has spread around the world.

Learn to Give Themselves

Through parties and mutual learning, the Tzu Chi Collegiate Association has invited college students to learn the spirit of Tzu Chi; regularly, they organize camps and tours of the Jing Si Abode to learn the origin of Tzu Chi. They also organize collegiate volunteer teams to practice Tzu Chi's charity and hospital volunteering with senior volunteers.

Taiwan has 91 colleges and universities, with a total of 2,036 students enrolled as Tzu Chi collegiate volunteers now. During recent years, Tzu Chi collegiate volunteers have done much charity work.

Take the Tzu Chi Collegiate Association in Tainan as an example. In July 2013, it established a tutoring class to provide regular homework tutoring for disadvantaged students. Over the past eight years, more than 6,000 volunteers have been involved, helping over 3,900 children in their lessons.

In order not to lose precious time, Tzu Chi collegiate volunteers seize every opportunity to lead a valuable life. Through good thoughts and good deeds, they bring more light to their lives and the world.