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Mar 29th
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Tzu Chi Distributes Rice in Guatemala

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The Committee of Agriculture in Taiwan donated rice to help friendly countries in Central and South America. In April, Tzu Chi began to distribute it in Guatemala.


Love in Pachalum City

Pachalum City is so deep in the mountains that few people come to visit, let alone a whole truckload of rice and food -- but it received them, with love from Taiwan.

Mayor Boanerges Velasquez felt so grateful: "It is a great honor for us to offer here our closest hugs and deepest gratitude to Master Cheng Yen, the founder of Tzu Chi."

To express his gratitude, the mayor not only attended the distribution, but also put on a volunteer vest and led 50 city officials to assist.

In the tribe, there were 800 low-income families who needed help. As soon as they received 20 kilograms of rice, they carried it on their shoulders. They went home with a large bag of noodles and food. Though it was so heavy, they felt happy and at ease.

On resident was surprised and touched: "This is the first event with donations of supplies."

Love in Chuarrancho City

Love Rice from Taiwan appeared in Chuarrancho City as well. Last time, Tzu Chi volunteers came to distribute stationery to children. This time nearly 600 families received food supplies.

The volunteers spread the spirit of the coin bank to encourage everyone to give a sincere thought to help other people. The city officials responded first, and specially sent embroidery on which were sewn words of gratitude to the volunteers.


Love and Listen to the Needy

Besides distributing food supplies, Tzu Chi volunteers also cared for low-income households and took care of the disabled and of a senior home where most elderly residents had limited mobility.

The volunteers directly delivered food and daily necessities to solve the immediate predicament of the residents. As for the pain in their bodies, it was difficult to help immediately. Therefore the volunteers patiently listened to the care recipients talk about their feeling of helplessness. In this way, at least they had an outlet for the pain in their heart.

Good Affinity

In 1998, Hurricane Georges attacked Central and South America, Tzu Chi volunteers went to disaster relief materials. They found that many local people were living in mountains of garbage in Guatemala. This was how Tzu Chi started a good affinity to care for the needy there.

In 1999, Tzu Chi helped to build a school, Escuela Primaria Villas de Oriente, so that children could receive education, and, through it, a bright future.

In 2001, Tzu Chi Guatemala was established. Since then, Tzu Chi volunteers have continued to spread great love and care in Guatemala without interruption. They give themselves with compassion, loving-kindness, joy, and equanimity. Join Tzu Chi and let us make a better world together.


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